Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blog Gems - Air Your Archives #10

The King and EYE is hosting another fun linky -- Blog Gems -- where those who participate air out an older blog post, look for new readers, re-live something that they've posted of old and get a few new comments. This week's theme is anything Happy, Heart-warming or Funny -- something to warm our host's heart as she sits in the hospital with her little one. You can join the linky by going HERE.

And you can read my happy post HERE.


  1. I worry about Katie's lack of friends as well. She's like a two year old and they don't really have friends, except she's really eighteen and eighteen year olds have friends. She does have more acquaintances now though. Does that count?

  2. Kids who care enough to be friends with our kids definitely make me happy!

  3. Oh heavens, I love that post.

    It is really the definition of equanimity, isn't it? That ability to embrace all that comes into our lives - the new friends and the almost scalpings.

    And the grilled cheese sandwich with pear sounds lovely.



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