Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blustery Day

It's blustery today, here in Los Angeles. The kids went to bed last night hoping that perhaps there would be snow when they woke up. I'm not kidding you -- there were rumors that San Francisco would get some and perhaps even a few flakes would fall on the Hollywood Sign.

No snow. A lot of bluster. (and they've spelled Winnie the Pooh wrong here, but for some reason I've been singing this all day) -- god knows why as I'm so not a cutesy video poster type.

Oliver played basketball today as passionately as he plays every sport -- that means a lot of aggression, some tears, some gritting of the teeth, a couple of baskets -- a lot of bluster.

And the world's least crafty mother cooked up the idea that we could spraypaint the boys' bedroom door with chalkboard paint and that it would look really good.

That was a lot of bluster on my part, too.


  1. take that door off the hinges and tape up the hardware! Let them take it outside to spray it; put a drop cloth underneath (garage is best today)

  2. Squealed because my youngest played for the Sky Hawks basketball team !! here of course.

    and that the spray painting is going on so free style, all graffiti like . no taping. uniform getting misted with a fine green coat.;)

    I love it.

  3. Lisa -- You must understand that I would never DREAM of doing something so sensible. That spray can of paint was sitting on the shelf for literally half a year. It feels triumphant to even do a half-assed job!

    deb colarossi - Our house still reeks of spray paint -- I'm definitely NOT crafty

  4. i am laughing here!!! can you hear me?

    my thoughts exactly, thank you lisa..

    you are too kind!!! graffiti style INDEED!!

    you are going to need that blustery wind to clean the air!

    (i want a follow up post when the husband returns home.)

  5. it is all I can do not to drive up there right now and get that door done!

  6. Looks like Big Fun to me. You may not be crafty but you're better because you're awesome. Awesome Mom beats Crafty Mom in every game.

  7. the boys look so happy. that is worth all the bluster in the world.

  8. you let them spray paint a door with chalkboard paint IN the house, by themselves. awesome. who cares if it's better homes and gardens?

  9. Snow? I'll send you some. We have plenty. My daughter plays basketball. I love that sport. It IS very intense though, isn't it. You are a better mother than I am letting your kids spray paint their door. Wow! Should be good, if it works out the way you hoped!

  10. We have the SAME doors, knobs and all and I think you're the best for letting the boys do this. I would buy the paint, let it sit on the shelf for the same half-year, but then move it to the basement. I'm not so good at getting house things done...



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