Monday, February 28, 2011


Confession: I haven't been to the doctor (other than my dear Dr. Jin and the yearly lady stuff) for over three years.

Confession: The reason why is that I don't want to get on a scale. I also don't want to have blood-work done and find out that "my numbers" are bad. I don't want to pay an ungodly amount of money to be told that I'm really fine and just need to lose some weight. I don't want to find out that I'm not fine.

Realization: These have been and continue to be really poor reasons not to go to the doctor. The doctor won't think it's a moral failing when she notes my weight. I'm not doing myself any favors, as they say, by not going. I'm an idiot not to go.

Breakthrough: I made an appointment to see the doctor for a physical in mid-March.

Afterthought: My doctor is a naturopath who uses modern, leech-free methods for my health and well-being. Other than getting on a scale, it won't be so bad.


  1. good for you! im two years overdue for my mammogram (tmi, i know) so i knowz what you're talking about. i wont even go to the eye doctor so ive been wearing my 2-week disposable contact lenses for 18 months now. probably not the best idea...

  2. Leech-free is a good thing. I need to make an appointment, too. I've been putting it off for all your same reasons. And for the fact that I am now broke after a root canal and crown.

  3. I hadn't gone for a physical in years, either, for different reasons, but same thought process, basically. Finally went when a situation arose that required immediate action, otherwise who knows how long the stand off may have lasted!

  4. I ask my doctor, when she weighs me, not to tell me the number. I usually stand backwards on the scale; she'll let me know if there's a problem with it. In fact, it was my doc who told me to ask not to see the scale if I didn't want to. So far, no nurse has refused my request.

  5. Ha! Great minds....I just made an appointment for a Mid-March a physical this morning...after I had to go to the doctor because of a swelling behind my knee and a fear that I might have a blood clot. I don't.
    But I was horrified to learn I weigh 164. 140 or so would be about perfect for me right now following the French woman guidelines (gaunt face or slightly fat ass?) I've obviously chosen the fat ass, but it's a little too fat. I don't own a scale though, and weighing myself daily makes me think of nothing but eating. I will just have to exercise more.
    Hope your numbers are GOOD.

  6. My internist's office is softly lit, everyone goes barefoot and they bring you mugs of herbal tea. She also has a penchant for waving a wand over your head when you leave (while telling me I've chosen a difficult incarnation. WTF?) I go as infrequently as possible. I believe leeches are being used again for something, don't remember what. Organic! I think you're well and strong, Elizabeth.

  7. That's pretty amazing isn't it!! Modern, leech free!

    I don't go either and I am of the age that I should have a colonoscopy...this year I promise:)

  8. Hallelujah! This is a gift to you, and to all of us who love and care about you. You are showing great "sitzfleisch" in taking the step to set this appointment.
    When I am really dreading an appointment, I ask a close family member to accompany me (a friend would work, too). Would that help?
    BTW, NO woman I know, no matter her age or size, wants to step on a scale. I don't even own one - can't stand them! They freak me out.

  9. I want A's doctor. The wand would annoy me but the rest of it...
    Honey. I am in DEEP anxiety right now because my damn doctor won't renew my antidepressant again unless I submit to tests. Blood, boob, bone, etc. So I am partly determined to finding a new doctor and am more anxious than ever which is WHY I'M ON ANTIDEPRESSANTS!
    So yeah. I get it.
    BTW- They do use leeches in medicine these days. Seriously. They do. But they are very special leeches.

  10. Love my naturopath and generally I'm the only one who makes a snarky comment upon seeing the numbers on the scale. Never her. Hmmm

  11. Good for you my friend.Good for you.

    I just got to my doctor who delivered Zoey,for the first time since she was born.She'll be 4 on Wednesday.I do go to my hemotologist for a blood disorder I have, as well as to check my numbers for a pesky and mild, case of Lupus I sport.I also,like Alicia, wear my 2 weeks contacts for months and I was briefly,oh ever so briefly,right after Zoey ended treatment,was on an anti depressant and sleep aid that made me worse,like almost psychotic,instead of better.

    I much prefer the homeopathic route.I found a really cool chiropractor,who is also a master massage therapist,that makes me feel like a million bucks when I walk out.

    No scale in this house.Never have had one.As a teenager,me and that scale were not friends.

    Sending love and healing prayers for body and soul.

  12. yes.
    this is a good thing!
    proactive rocks.

  13. I won't tell you how long it's been since I've been to the dentist but I will say that I'm 6 (or is it 9?) months overdue on a thyroid ultrasound for a thingy they are monitoring which I am sure is fine but I do get so incredibly anxious when I think there might be an issue.
    I am sure your doctor will be wonderful and you will be relieved to find out all is well.

  14. I don't think I've been asked my weight since I was pregnant. Perhaps my doctor doesn't care about me :)

  15. You don't have to get on the scale. Just say "no". My mother did not see a doctor from the age of 45 until two days before she died at the age of 87. No pap smears. No mammograms. No medications. While I'm not suggesting you do the same, it worked for her.

    Curious as to why leech-free is a good thing. Isn't that sort of homeopathic? My husband says that, in certain instances, leeches are still used. Yuck!


  16. I just went for a physical last week, and guess what? I have high cholesterol. How did that happen? But I must say, I'm really glad to know. It's always better to know. Be brave. Step on the scale. Better to know.

  17. I hate tests. That's what I put off is the tests and exams. I never ace them.



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