Saturday, February 5, 2011

Doodling, toodling around

Carnaby Street, London via The Improvised Life

What am I doing in between driving to baseball clinics, lacrosse and basketball games?

Visiting these links -- and I beg to differ on it being a "waste of time:"

  • The passages in Keith Richards' autobiography that describe the mod clothes worn and the life in London in the mid-sixties are particularly fascinating to me. So I was delighted to read this post on The Improvised Life. When you go there, be sure to listen to the Kinks -- they provide the link.
  • The incredible new Google Art Project.  
  • Bookshelf envy at Apartment Therapy.
  • beenthinking blog
  • a review of what sounds like to me a bizarre and fascinating memoir called The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating about a strange disease and contemplating snails is found here

What are you doing?


  1. I visit random links , it's like a library at our fingertips.

    I've been ruining sewing machine needles trying to get the free motion quilt thingy to stay on,

    nursing a swollen belly because I couldn' t resist the pasta I made for hubby's bday last night,

    topping it off with a beer, " cause I live dangerously like that.

    driving kids around, not in that order obviously.

    and going on facebook. who knew?

    and taking pride in myself that I made a decision that while may seem out of character and make me unpopular with certain people, I'm elated and proud, and relieved. in a bittersweet way.

  2. the bookshelves, not to mention the homes attached to them. sheesh.

    funny that i saw the first few photos and thought, oooo. must google a photo of auntie karl's bookshelves and send elizabeth the link.

    and then i see mr lagerfeld and his shelves there in all their pinched-collared glory.

    i have a slew of cranes for you. wanted them to be a surprise, and searched everywhere for your address...then asked laura, though perhaps she thinks i intend to stalk you cause she has yet to respond.

    do i really come across that crazy?


  3. Toodling around is what the internet is for...
    Those bookshelves going into the stairs are divine. Amazing. I want to live there.


  4. Each of your links were a interesting...the snail story was fascinating. And who doesn't like listening to the Kinks? We all need places to get 'lost' in...and I must say the computer world one can get really lost in...for hours...

  5. Reading about common brindle British cast cats, did you know they are notorious chicken-killers?

    getting rid of incriminating evidence that a snail passed through these parts, killing two birds with one fatal stone. Washing sheets after harass ment, a firm smack.

    cutting the folded sheets of paper that were folded over, and bound into the binding by the book binder who bound a book titled The Works of Eugene Fields: Sharps and Flats

    wondering if it really is that hard to tame brindled pussy cats not to kill, but rather to murder that when to the Americas with me, I brought them back, home so I've been in my mind. Thinking of this and that.

    bunch of misc. things, probably smoking a little bit later after turning coke to crack

  6. :) and I should have put a smiley face or a wink, or a tongue in cheek. Because none of my comment is really what i have been doing. Just lots of reading and thinking. They are good links, too good, Some reminded me of past friendships, ones that when we were in each others presence it was hard to be serious. "trouble makers" we were around each other. Kids who got consistently sent outside during primary and spent numerous hours being lectured by bishops or parents.

    Fun memories though, thank you Elizabeth

  7. I have the snail book and am reading it now! A blogger friend (Jeanne of Gullible's Travels who lives in Moose Pass, Alaska and is my armchair travel tour guide) sent it to me for Christmas.

  8. Right now I am considering how many years I have behind me, as the mod look was one I wore! And the Kinks were new and edgy.

    I am trying to catchup on my blog travels. I don't have much time to spend at the computer, so I don't search out random links, I wait for someone to post them and I usually look. I did love the bookshelves.

  9. i especially loved beenthinking, loved her post about the women of Egypt, and the "ebullience" of the protesters. I am moved to repost it and I may, with credit of course. Thank you for pointing us to places that take us outside of ourselves. happy sunday, dear elizabeth!

  10. oh, and i just started the kieth richards bio!

  11. yes...the snail story. i remember the interview on NPR. i loved that life came to her...and that she found a connection to hope through fascination and a snail.

    i am moving almost that s l o w this weekend. grateful for the connection to life i have at the touch of this keyboard, and to you.



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