Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar, LA-Style

Wasn't that just about the weakest, most lame Oscar ceremony ever?

Here in La-La Land, we hear the helicopters rounding up over the hills all afternoon. The Husband nearly always has a party to work (he used to be Wolfgang Puck's Executive Chef for catering and did the Governor's Ball every year!), so I walked around the corner to our neighbor's house to watch the shindig. Because it's mid-afternoon, here, when it all starts, the kids come, too. We fill out those forms and have a contest to see who picks the most winners. We eat trashy food and catcall, some years more than others. It was that kind of year. I just told a good friend that it was either a sign that I was just getting too old or that I'm profoundly depressed, but I didn't care about any of it this year. Not even the gowns. O.K., I did like Cate Blanchett's weird yellow and pink thing. And Javier Bardem looked ghastly in white but divine in black. And Annette Bening was my favorite -- mainly because of those green drop earrings she had on. I hated The Social Network, so any time they won anything, I got busy feeding Sophie. And while I enjoyed The King's Speech and love Colin Firth like 99% of other women, the movie didn't knock my socks off or anything. Anne Hathaway is darn cute, but she was an AWFUL host, and I just couldn't wrap my brain around the whole world watching it. In a dark moment, I might have muttered that it was just another sign of the decline of the empire, American, that is -- and when the two folks won Best Documentary for The Inside Job, which I'm sure is an excellent one, and they made their clever comment about how none of the bankers that masterminded the spectacular fall of Wall Street two years ago were in jail, yet, and everyone in the star-studded, powers-that-be audience tittered and clapped -- well, that made me squirm in my seat and feel embarrassed.

In fact, the highlight was seeing those cute kids from PS22 sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow because they, at least, still seemed pure and in love with entertainment.

And I still don't know whether it's all because I'm getting old or because I'm profoundly depressed, but I think it's a bit of both.


  1. Agree with some of what you said. Whole thing was underwhelming, and a bit boring. Anne Hathaway and James Franco were not good, I was glad social network didn't win (though I thought it was a good flick) and I love Colin Firth.

    We differ in that the Kings Speech DID knock my socks off. I thought that movie rocked and I'm glad it won.

  2. Weak indeed.

    I made homemade mac and cheese,spinach dip,a chocolate peanut butter cheese cake,ooey-gooey chocolate bars and some other cheesy snacky,clog your arteries,thing.We munched,we watched, we dissected and we,in the end thought Anne was not good.At all.Annette Bening was by far my favorite of the night.Always have loved her.Oh to grow old gracefully like that ...

    We did manage to sneak out last night and see King's Speech....loved it and I too was super glad to see it win.

    However,all this is nothing compared to what really stood out in this post and that was... your depressed.Hating to hear that tonight and sending you some love and good stuff from up my way.Anything I can do my friend?

  3. I am sorry that you are feeling depressed. I offer up what prayers I can.

  4. I don't even bother watching.

    please please remember that you are so awesome and the world needs awesome. see above.

  5. I'm not into the Oscars myself but I had heard on the radio that here in Australia we hoped for more, though my daughters told me over dinner tonight after the event, there was no point in letting the Australians win because it's all about box office takings and to let outsiders win does not promote sales.

    Cynical maybe I'd say, but perhaps not depressed.

  6. I was profoundly tired and went to bed and missed the whole damn thing. Oh well. I'm so old I don't care.

  7. I took my Mum to see the King's Speech last week. My Mum is English and was fourteen when war broke out. She remembers listening to the speech King George made on the radio. We both loved the movie, even my two kids which surprised me.

    As for the Oscars
    'Give them bread and circuses and they will never revolt'
    Coined by the Roman poet Juvenal in the first Century in his Satires lamenting the continuing slide of his former Roman Republic into dictatorship.

  8. I don't think it's so much about being old and depressed (and I'm sorry to hear that you feel depressed, I hope you'll find ways to take care of yourself) at least not for me, but about how irrelevant it all seems. The strength, insight, moments of grace and fun that you share in your blog are what life is about. I do think fashion can be inspiring (think Michelle Obama!) though last night, not so much, and it's always nice to gaze upon a handsome man :) but beyond that, bleh.

  9. I agree with you on the "Inside Job" comment. I found it a little ironic that a room full of people donned in millions of dollars in jewelry and dresses alone was applauding against the moral/financial corruption of others.

    And Anne Hathaway was horrible.

    But Colin Firth was delicious. What is it about a man with an accent?

  10. I was very moved by the Beethoven that they played near the end when they showed clips from all the nominated movies and had the king narrating his speech over it--some of it from the king's movie some of it from his actual speech. He spoke to the end of war and it was powerful to me.

  11. Really, you had problems with Anne Hathaway? I thought James Franco was dead weight. He looked stoned and the oddest expressions kept twitching across his face.

    I enjoyed King's Speech. Though it reminded me more of a really good PBS Masterpiece Theatre episode than best movie of the year. I actually wish it was a PBS show so I could watch another episode next week.

  12. Didn't watch, but figured the lovely Ann Hathaway would be underwhelming paired with Franco as hosts (I just don't see what anyone sees in him) and GLAD King and Colin won (you know I loved that film) and interested that you hated Social Network because I haven't seen it yet and everyone keeps saying they loved it, yet I wonder if I will...

    And ditto to what Deb and Claire said.

    And now I want to see Cate Blanchett's dress.

  13. Maggie World - I loved King's Speech but I just didn't think it was the greatest movie of the year.

    Zoey's mom: I was being more snarky and sarcastic. I'm not that depressed, perhaps just more down than usual.

    Claire: Oh, don't waste your prayers on me. I'll be fine --

    Elisabeth: Yes, cynical but not depressed. That's what I should have said!

    Lilith: Love the quote!

    Radish King: I agree and should have said so as well. I loved that montage at the end (the obituary one was really boring, though!). Thank you for informing me that it Beethoven --

  14. Yes, I too did my yearly Academy Award Party. Ours is always loud with a bit of betting on the side. I felt more comfortable watching the Academy over the Golden Globes with my son...that was too crass for me.

    I did however really enjoy The King's Speech and True Grit.

  15. I don't know why, but I have never liked watching the Oscars. EVER. In a past life, I married into a Hollywood family, and that pretty much cured me. But we were invited to an Oscar party this year, and we went & had fun. And I'm laughing because I practically screamed out loud at that same pair of earrings - they were beyond compare, and they looked especially stunning with that gown, and because she is so clean, sporty and unencumbered.
    I do like to see people like Jeff Bridges, who is really talented and gloriously handsome, doing just about anything, so it was enjoyable, but nothing to take seriously. However, living where you do, it is probably a deadly-serious topic around town! I hope the Husband had a good time working at his party!

  16. Cheer up - we have a royal wedding in the near future!

  17. Months ago you talked about how much you missed going to yoga and how much it did for you. I gave it a try and now I am hooked. It seems to be quite the cure-all for some reason. I go three times a week and its the best 3 hours I get. I think you know the answer to "getting out of your funk"...get back to the yoga mat.


  18. I saw only about five minutes of the Oscar program--when Bob Hope was the "host". I thought he was good!!
    Sounds like I didn't miss much.


  19. OK, confession

    Not that I care about the Academy awards so all, but we were in need of a little fun.

    We had 4 friends over, we dressed in funny/funky fancy clothes...drank champagne

    and tried to spy Banksy in a gorilla outfit.

  20. I didn't watch any of it, of course, but then I don't think I've ever watched it, even when I had a TV. And because I'm among that 99% of women, I thought it was the best oscar event ever :)

  21. I have never watched any of those awards shows. As in, literally never. I don't see how to muster up the interest to watch something that is happening with & for rich, other, people right at that moment when I could be living my own quiet little life, but then again that's just me... I imagine being in California would make it difficult to ignore, and you got to be with lovely friends & have some other diversion for the afternoon- all good things. :)

    As for the depression, Elizabeth, I am so sorry. You are a beautiful insightful soul & as one who has struggled with depression as well, may I suggest taking (odorless!) fish oil, magnesium, and COPIOUS amounts of garlic. If you do nothing else, eat the garlic. It really has helped me. Make a loaf of garlic bread & sprinkle garlic powder very liberally all over it, or add garlic to a quesadilla, whatever works.... it has helped me & I was surprised to see how quickly it hit & also how little known this remedy is.



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