Sunday, February 13, 2011


art or defacement?


  1. Usually, I lean toward the idea that many things are a matter of perspective.
    However, I vote "no" on most graffiti although some cities allow for and even encourage it if it's done well and the message is respectful of those who pass by. In that case, I appreciate the expression.

  2. That particular graffiti is ugly, some can be quite beautiful.

  3. Statement.
    I watch the trains go by and so many of the cars are tagged and some of them, I think, are art.
    But what do I know? Not much.

  4. Just watched the documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop, which is a critique of the street art phenomenon. I came to the conclusion that making graffiti seems like a heck of a lot of fun. Looking at it, I don't enjoy so much.

    But maybe that is just a sign of my own aging.

  5. yes. exit through the gift shop. brilliant.

  6. I started watching a documentary on graffiti. So boring i didn't finish it. A documentary first for me. Not finishing it that is.



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