Saturday, February 19, 2011

How long does it take to eat one half of a grapefruit

when you're nine years old and love to talk?


  1. mighty fine dish towels and poka-dotted center thing. Most people believe its a how much time does a wood chuck need type of question. But there is a logical way around that. The logic is it takes one third of the time that it takes to eat one-and-a-halfth graet fruits (or just one bite of the "wrong" fruit and all of a sudden here comes God's security team to escort me off the premise. :)

    this was a good one Elizabeth, like all them.

  2. Wonderful observation, recorded.

  3. ...half as long as it takes to eat a whole one?

  4. HOLY SH#T

    I don't have the pictures anymore, but Lauren did that same dance with a boognish patch clipped to her face six years ago!

    it's too bad I lost everything off that harddrive, because you would freak out if you saw his hand motions and saw the frames of Lauren

  5. oh oh oh is that trigger and the lone ranger on your kitchen counter?????

    i feel faint...

    off topic as usual

  6. That face. Even a grapefruit cannot sour it in the least.

  7. The Lone Ranger and Silver! I loved Silver. But I would not have eaten even half a grapefruit when I was nine. Well, maybe a half if it was baked with honey. Chattiness in 9 year old boys is nice.

  8. My nine year old could eat the other half :)
    I will never grow tired of seeing the juice dripping down her chin and her still pudgy hands squeezing out the last drop.
    I'm sure the two of them would hav plenty to laugh and talk about!

  9. Sooooo Oliver. Love it. Sorry about the stupid flu...



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