Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feeling Shabby

When I scroll down and read my posts of late, I realize with not a little embarrassment that the overall tone is one of negativity, frustration, a bit of moodiness and a lot of sarcasm. I haven't really dwelled, too much, on anything positive, and there's a whole lot of positive going on right now. I want to write about it: I want to tell you all about it, but I'm still too darn superstitious.

I did finally bring Sophie to the pediatrician after three successive nights of outrageously high fevers. I suspected that perhaps she did have a secondary infection and might need antibiotics. Lately, I've been nearly bragging about how none of my children have been on antibiotics -- Sophie not in well over a decade, and the boys literally never. I don't know why I'm so arrogant about this because God knows, it's not like some sort of triumph or competition. In fact, it carries about the same weight as your baby walking early or any of those other milestones that mothers and fathers sometimes like to pull out and take credit for. Anyway, I imagined my statements about antibiotics might have somehow jinxed me and that Sophie would, indeed, get a prescription for one. But, you know what? The pediatrician listened to her lungs, looked into her ears and did an examination, but she decided that Sophie was suffering from the flu and that antibiotics were just not necessary.

And you know what else? I'm just going to be thankful for that. That's all. And when I'm good and ready and not nervous about jinxing everything, I'll tell you all about some other stuff.

In the meantime,  I can express my gratitude to you because I have a wonderful Giveaway! Shabby Apple is an online vintage-inspired boutique, filled with really fabulous women's dresses and little girls' dresses.  They even tell you what dresses fit your body type -- apples, pears, asparagus, pumpkins, string beans -- it looks like they have something for everyone. They've got maternity dresses, too! I am happy to tell you that you can be the not-so-shabby, apple-of-someone's-eye owner of the great-looking Cider dress:

Isn't that cute? Leave a comment here if you want to enter the giveaway. Tell me something funny or tell me something sweet. Tell me something not too shabby and then hop on over to ShabbyApple and check out the website. You should also "friend" Shabby Apple on Facebook and receive some really great discounts and notices of promotions. That link is HERE.

Finally, if you visit the site and just have to have something, right now, right away, Shabby Apple is offering a 10% discount to my readers. Just leave the code amoon10off.

Good luck! Winner will be announced next Monday.


  1. I am not entering the giveaway because I live abroad, but I hope the winner is very happy, it is a fab prize.

    As for your blog, that is why we are here, to listen when you are having a great time and to listen when things are harder. Big hugs. Jen

  2. I love your attitude about the flu. How easy it would be to complain about that, but you took the high road. I pray that Sophie will feel better soon, and that no one else catches it! Looking forward to hearing about the good news when the superstition passes/eases/no longer applies.

    The dress is gorgeous. I'd need a cardigan to cover my upper arms (for everyone's sake), but hey! I'll hop over and look at the site. Looks like they have yummy fabrics, easy lines and a practical approach. LOVE that!

    Have you read anything by Patrick Leigh Fermor? WOW. He's such a vital man. I just finished his correspondence with Debo Devonshire "In Tearing Haste," which made me read even more. He is a gifted writer, and funny, too.

  3. I don't think you've sounded negative at all. We are facing some tough times and our girls will be on the battle front.

    Sometimes reality is negative.

    But the sun is shining while it hails here, so anything is possible, Right?

  4. Just here to tell you I love you. I am that breeze you just felt as the door shut, as the window opened. Did you feel me?

  5. the kids i work with give great hugs. that's sweet, isn't it? :)

  6. Please don't ever feel shy about saying how you feel. That's why I come here! And I read EVERY POST glad to know how you are doing.

    I think I need that dress while it will still look great with my hair, while there is still enough auburn left in it! I think I need that dress while I still have the energy for dress shoes and have not quite yet given up, thrown all my strappy sandals out, caved to my urge to buy an overpriced pair of Tone Up sneakers and 20 pounds of fudge to go hibernate in a cave on an island with wifi.

    Don't you think?

  7. I'm going to assume the giveaway doesn't apply to non-US residents. I'll look.

    I hope Sophie feels better.

  8. First "shabby": It is 12:15 p.m. and I've just showered.
    "Sweet": My husband just make an apple-upsidedown cake for my Muse Bookgroup tonight.

    My boys never had antibiotics either. They had a good pediatrician like Sophie's who didn't hand them out as a panacea for all ills. One walked early. The other one didn't (thank goodness!).

    And I could use some new clothes!!


  9. Sweet: Personal means real. Real means readable. Thank you for being personally really readable.
    Kinda shabby, always funny: Watching the cooking show, Everyday Food, and wondering how I could get Lucinda Scala Quinn to my house tonight to cook dinner.
    Thanks for the post.

  10. I think you're too hard on yourself. Not too negative, just reality. Can't wait to read the good stuff.

    One of my more adorable students had a birthday yesterday. He was so excited and appreciative that we celebrated his special day, he thanked us by dancing for us. A had-to-be-there moment, but silly and sweet.

    Headed over to the website. I am graduating in May and need a nice dress... xo

  11. Yum. I have to step out of my usual lurking mode, and make a comment. That is a really delicious dress, and the website is fabulous - I want everything...

    My goodness, between Stella & Dot (so sorry I missed the last party) and Shabby Apple, you're totally my go-to style guru!!

  12. Tell the truth about what you are feeling. Isn't that the point? I have found myself stuck in the mud regarding my blog because I know that there are certain people reading it who I am fearful about knowing exactly what is going on with us (long story)... and I am just going to have to get over that self-edit. Our truth, the good and the bad, is our truth.

    I love the dress, btw! i will check out the site for sure!

  13. Glad the Sophie has no secondary infection. I don't have any use for a dress. Are you giving away any guys with tractors?

  14. What cute dresses! I would love to choose one. :)
    I don't think your blog is negative. I think it's REAL. And sometimes real isn't all sunshine and lollipops. Sometimes it's rain clouds and brussel sprouts.
    I am glad that Sophie doesn't have an infection. It's funny the things we are thankful for - the flu. :)

  15. You are right, antibiotics are powerful magic best left for desperate times, not wasted on a mere virus.

    In my own home we have erected alters to these gods – ciprofloxacin, gentamicin, cefazidime, tobramycin, linezolid, piperacillin, and cefepime, as well as lesser gods of the lower realms. They are infused swallowed, pumped, mainlined and inhaled and in return, they give the gift of life.

  16. I don't want to enter the giveaway but I will tell you what happened to me this morning.

    My son parked behind me and I hit both his car and the garbage cans as I was trying to back out of the garage. I was grumpy as I parked at work and then thought about it. Why don't I just decide to feel good? So I did, and I did.

  17. you have no idea how many times i wish i could walk through your red door. i think your boys would completely charm and crack me up. and the doe eyed mermaid? let's just say there is a depth in her that i am moved by.
    and you? you have no idea how much i appreciate you. funny how invisible we remain to ourselves while everyone else sees straight into our souls.

    the dress?? delectable!
    cannot wait to see who will grace it.

  18. Something sweet? My 2 1/2 year old has figured out how to say "I love you." It comes out "I wuh woo" and it gets me every time.

    That dress is beautiful - maybe it'll get me out of my just-had-a-baby/yoga-pant slump.

  19. I hope I don't jinx you, but looking does not tell an accurate story unless its made a grand bigger than the naked eye's visual interpretation and only after a Gram stain procedure (and even then it only identifies whether or not the usual suspects have their stabby little hands in the cookie jar.

    Part of my probation stipulation is that I not wear womens underpants, heeled shoes, and dresses or else I would enter the give-away contest.

    pregge is the word (pee-ray-gee-gee)

  20. Oh my goodness, what luck! I'm having the giveaway on my blog as well, and was totally bummed because I couldn't enter it. Glad you're having the giveaway too. ;) Love that cider dress!

    I "like" SA on FB as well. :)

  21. You're amazing, day in and day out. Finding some good will feel good too.

    That burnt-orange dress is adorable, the designers must be U. Texas fans. I know I'd be a standout at the basketball game.

  22. I feel my body type is rather eggplantish these days.
    I hope Sophie recovers from the flu quickly!

  23. Here I was, wishing you were my sister, when I suddenly realized, you are. And that makes me happy.

  24. Good luck, yes. I hope Sophie is better now! I send you positive thoughts.

  25. I'll tell you that my boss's almost eleven year old daughter called this morning because she wanted to wear mascara to school for the first time and my boss told her to maybe wait until she (my boss) was home and could help her then my boss started crying and I started crying remembering that there are rites of passage for girls and this is one.

  26. ps. this morning at 6 am i hid my entire blog disappeared it for the very reasons you mentioned then i thought what the heck and brought it back again. i need the support i find here. i'll admit it. i never knew this could happen.

  27. That dress is gorgeous! Thanks for the info on their site - I'm off to check it out.

    Hope Sophie feels better soon. We had a bout of the flu here and, while it was nasty and debilitating, it also afforded us the opportunity to lie on the couch and watch Harry Potter movies together.

    And I'm with everyone else who says you weren't being negative - you were expressing your feelings and asking for help - help that your readers are only too happy to provide.

  28. Glad she didn't need antibiotics, and although you're right, it's not a competition, it's still really cool.

  29. I love the shabby apple line!! I love how vintage, fun, yet also conservative the dresses are!! I hate dresses now a days that are so short you can't hardly sit down in them!!


  30. Oh I love that dress! Even being...uh... middle aged (eek!) I could wear it and feel great! Not too short, not too tight and a fabulous color :)

  31. Hope Sophie feels better soon! Flu is never fun, but sounds like you have a good doctor.
    I would love to win that dress for my daughter - she could use a pick me up :)

  32. Not too shabby: My daughter adjusted seemlessly to her new hearing aid this week... doesn't let it bother her one bit. The audiologists had prepared me for quite a transition period (reminiscent of puppy-training), and we didn't need any of their tips!

  33. Something sweet: My four year old daughter sometimes tells me I'm her "sweet baby" - a phrase I often use with her. Now if that isn't sweet....

  34. Gosh, I had a dress that color in college. Well, I still do. Rolled up and tucked away in the very back of my closet. I get it out every year and remind myself of the girl I used to be. Still am. In spirit, anyway. Not so much in size :)

  35. I had a lesser intensity cranky hard week (so click if you subscribe to misery loves company). I'm more cheerful now. Sweet is my just turned three year old reading with me Maisy Goes to Preschool & editing it: in her version just now Maisy goes to CHINA. O-kay.

  36. I could sure use a new calico for the dance at the Miners Foundry next Friday. (Regardless of if I win thanks for pointing me in the direction of Shabby Apple. I like)

  37. Oh, I love this dress!! Gorgeous color!

  38. Good gracious! I love orange.

    Not too shabby: husband walked in with fifteen roses a whole week after Valentine's Day. Bit sweet too really.

  39. Love that dress! And really enjoy your blog too. I think you are amazing in how you handle your life, especially your children. You're a great advocate. Keep up your great work. Wishing you and your family all the best.

  40. I like that dress! I really like that site. I've got no dress budget so a free dress would sure be nice.



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