Thursday, August 1, 2013

How the day whiled

There was make-your-own-sub-sandwich lunch time:

and there was play Monopoly time

There was a long walk on the beach with my father, under stormy skies:

There were pelicans doing synchronized acrobatics in the sky:

There was a surprise for those of turning forty years old (my little sister, Jennifer) and those of us turning 50 years old (yours truly)

Then there was sunset on the beach --

There was the usual high drama, too, but I'll leave you with the illusion of perfection. Usually, it's the fine line between them where most of family relationships lie, and our family is like most, I imagine, in that respect.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Is today THE day? The t-shirts are fabulous! And that dining table, big enough to seat all of the cousins - what a wonderful place to gather.
    I hope the "high drama" is taken in stride by all, and that you continue to enjoy each day with your family. It sure looks like a beautiful setting!

  2. oh my, it looks perfect and FUN and beautiful!! I love that organic twiggy chandelier over the table, BTW. Happiest of birthdays to you (and your sis). May this year be filled with all the blessings you deserve and more!! :)

  3. Thank you for the last paragraph because yes, I am envious.

  4. Yes . . . the last paragraph is exactly where it's at. I think of families sometimes as a garden full of weeds and thorns and bugs, and something the most beautiful flowers in the universe. Happy Birthday wonder woman. (The tee-shirts are the best.)

  5. It is wonderful and exhausting and glorious and crazy-making to be surrounded by family, I imagine especially so on your birthday. I hope you are allowed lots of time to walk and sleep and reacquaint yourself with the boys and take photos. Thank you for sharing a bit of your day. Love.

  6. Thank you for the illusion of perfection, I appreciate it. Henry looks like your dad! I'm glad you were honored, as well you should be!

    Happy birth month!

  7. Those t-shirts are great! How cool to have your whole family acknowledge your birthday in such a fun way. My family would never think to do something like that!

    My word verification is "foxpert." Is that an expert on foxes?

  8. Ahhh family...happy birthday dear friend. Such lovely photos of your handsome clan.
    p.s I love Steve's "foxpert"....that's got to be someone who is a fox and an expert, perhaps a good description of you, Elizabeth

  9. Wait- Elizabeth- have I missed your birthday?
    Oh Lord.
    You have the most beautiful eyes in the world. YOUR eyes could sustain the world. Maybe they do.
    Peace, love. Peace.

  10. The illusion of perfection. Love it!

  11. Correct, scratch the surface of any family and I assure you, there will be be dysfunction, resentment, disappointment, disillusion but usually love as well. I think it ultimately comes down to how well you can wear it. x

  12. It does look like perfection - especially the beach walk and pelicans - and without the dysfunction there would be nothing to laugh about later :)

  13. Happy Belated Birthday!
    Having attended many similar family functions & perpetuated my own illusions of perfect, all I can say is cheers!



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