Sunday, August 18, 2013

On the Eve of High School

Henry is going to high school tomorrow morning!

Good Lord.

Here he is last night, acting goofy and beautiful all at once.

You know how some people lament the passing of the years as their children grow up and out? Life with this boy has been such that I look forward to the man he is becoming. Yes, I miss that little whippersnapper who went to kindergarten ten years ago with an apple for the teacher and a tentative smile, but I have my boy still in this easy, lanky, good-natured, gorgeous kid.


  1. That boy, as we say around here, is a keeper.
    I would be proud to be his mama. I know you are.

  2. Henry is going to be a big hit in high school, so hang on to your hat, mama! I feel so privileged to watch this lovely boy grow up.

  3. I've come to the conclusion that our lamenting the passing of the years has more to do with the realization that we're getting older and approaching middle age, than our children becoming young adults. high school for us has been a blessing, after the terrible experience of middle school in rural italy. good luck to Henry!

  4. PS i don't know whether i'm the only commenter with this problem, but your blog tends to refresh just as i'm ready to publish, and i lose my comment!

  5. Wow... high school!! Incredible. What a wonderful kid :)
    And I have the same problem as Francesca with the commenting thing! Its really weird!!

  6. Is he sitting on a giant sculpture of a croissant? No, really....

    And I have the same comment issue. But it does give me a second to revisit what I was going to say and make sure I like it ;-).

  7. I think that is the perfect pose to strike as one heads into high school.

    And yes, Francesca, I experience that same magical disappearing post also!

  8. Blessings to Henry as he begins this wonderful journey. I was always so excited for my kids to begin a new school year, with all of its possibilities and promise, unopened gifts and the unknown learning peeking around each corner. Happy school days to each one of your beautiful young people, and to you!



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