Saturday, August 10, 2013


Oliver is selling lemonade at the corner today for $.75 a glass. He squeezed the lemons last night at 11:00 and made simple syrup with The Husband. He wondered if Henry might go door-to-door and take orders and then deliver, but Henry, being Henry, said, Nah, I don't like working like that. So, he's in his room, playing video games or watching violent movies with lots of sex.

Just kidding.

Sophie is having a sleep-fest which she does periodically and which I believe is her body's way to cope with a period of particularly brutal and multiple seizures. I periodically poke my head over the door and watch to see whether her chest is rising and falling, and then I feel somewhat sheepish to still be doing that and then I realize that it's perfectly reasonable given our situation and Sophie's troubles and then I wonder, for a bit, if I'm irrevocably damaged and then I realize that we all are in one way or another but that life just keeps on blowing its breezes and throwing its lemons and pushing out mint.

It's another beautiful day in Los Angeles. I'm going to finish The Interestings and start on The Mouse-Proof Kitchen by Saira Shah. It's a novel about a couple living in southern France with a disabled child, and I believe the writer herself has a child with seizures. I know that someone (maybe here?) told me about Saira Shah a long time ago, and I pre-ordered the book on Amazon. It was downloaded to my Kindle the other day, and just this morning I read a review. I also might finish spray-painting two metal chairs that I picked up at a yard sale and that I'm working on, slowly, ever so slowly, because, really, I'm more like Henry when it comes to that kind of thing and would rather say Nah, I don't like working like that. As for sex and violence, I prefer the former.

Reader, how is your Saturday shaping up and what are you reading?


  1. I hope Oliver makes lots of money on his lemonade today. I am always wanting to spray paint but have heard horror stories of the merest wind picking up and it getting over everything or having to construct outdoor shower contraptions and spray paint getting up your nose... How do you deal with all that? Sweet Jo

  2. Reading?,,,,believe it or not! "The Pot Book" A Complete Guide to Cannabis: Its Role in Medicine, Politics, Science and Culture....Julie Holland, M.D.

  3. I have had a lovely day of eating Indian buffet and then going to a place called The Country Dollar where yes, everything is a dollar and I spent fifteen dollars buying hair ornaments, a pretty scarf, stickers and a blow-up beach ball for the boys, cinnamon toothpicks, and god-only-knows what all. It was fun!
    Now I am drinking a shot of espresso over ice trying to gird my loins into going out and cleaning the hen house of poop and picking up fallen branches in the yard. But really? I have no desire to work that hard and it's HOT! But I'm going to do it, dammit. I swear I am!
    I am reading a Ruth Rendell book. Yes I am and do not judge me. "St. Zita Society." I am enjoying it. And listening to some Stephen King stories as I work (again- please don't judge) and listening to "The Marriage Plot" on CD in my car. And magazines and blogs. Of course.
    God. Now what am I going to blog about tonight?
    One more thing- I checked my kids to be sure they were breathing as they slept for WAY longer than was necessary. I think that you checking Sophie is completely normal and I sure as hell would do it too.

  4. The Mouse-Proof Kitchen... I'm telling myself that the small poop I found on the tablecloth
    this morning---well, really this afternoon, having slept hours and hours after days of almost no
    sleep at all---is from a tree frog, not a mouse. I'll be curious to hear your impressions of the book. And yes, when Miel sleeps through the day, of course I watch over her.

  5. I'll have to take a look at that book. I've spent most of the day outside, down at Fort Edmonton with Miss Katie and then I took myself for a walk down by the river, taking photos along the way. The big guy couldn't get his ass up off the couch, doesn't look good.

  6. I am reading The Shadow of the Wind. Have you read it? Interesting. Someone recommended it and I impulsively bought it, knowing nothing about it.

    We're all damaged.

  7. I love reading lists and here is mine currently. Last night I read cavader dogs by me because I gave it to my shrink a couple weeks ago and now I'm worried how I will be called to account for the tales therein. I'm happy to report that I still adore it. I'm reading In the Loyal Mountains my most beloved book of short stories by Rick Bass. I read it every summer. So this is maybe the 15th time or so. I'm reading jean Rhys's Quartet again even though I just finished it. I'm reading Psychedelic Norway poems by John Colburn from Coffee House Press (they make gorgeous books) and The Collected Poems by Don Gordon and Antonin Artaud's Theater And Its Double (in French) and my own notes for work I'm coaxing out Henry poems and Henry has never leg go easily.

  8. I'm reading Richard Russo's That Old Cape Magic. Something very comforting about his writing. Also Yoga and the Quest for the True Self by Stephen Cope and I've always got a cookbook around for inspiration. Cook, Eat, Thrive by Joy Tienzo.
    I would buy all of Oliver's lemonade! That sweet face!

  9. I worked last night, slept all day and now I am off to work again. meh

  10. My kids use crappy crystal light for their lemonade stands -Oliver should be charging ten times that much!

    We are in Hawaii ( aaahhhh ) .... And I'm reading The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. It's good.

  11. Good for Oliver. I hope he makes a mint.

    I'm reading "Rules of the Wild" by Francesca Marciano, a novel about expats in Kenya in the early 1990s. It's really good so far -- one of the few books I've read recently that I've really enjoyed.

  12. Just finished We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler. LOVED IT.

    Saturday was filled with clutter and unpacking and frustrating red tape. Better days ahead.

    Love to sweet Sophie. And to you. And to Oliver. I would so buy his delicious concoction. The mint would be such a nice touch. Obviously his is no run of the mill lemonade stand.

  13. Your lemon and mint sentence was balm to my soul.



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