Sunday, August 25, 2013



Last night I played cards again with a group of friends. I'm not a card player, and I have no strategy, but I'm lucky and I won. I drank bourbon on the rocks, two times, and I laughed my troubles away. Some players have edges even at a round table. I'm all curves. She's going down, is what they say right before you show your hand. If I could blush, I would, I said, my face pale hot. Later, someone said That's the last time I play with someone who doesn't play cards. I held my cards over my mouth, kept my secrets.


  1. I can't play cards worth a damn. Even my skin has a tell. I love this post. I am working on cards though right now halfway through the Italian spread. It is VERY interesting and I think quite fabulous and full of weird goodness.

  2. I love it! What a way to finish out the 40s, huh? (love the line about the edges - you are truly a poet, my dear!)

  3. Sounds like bourbon and beginner's luck treated you right!



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