Friday, August 23, 2013

Medical Marijuana Recap: Part 6,213,894

Sophie, 2006

I keep getting emails, letters and texts from people wondering where we are on the Medical Marijuana Quest, so I thought I'd do another recap. I'll do it all official-like with bullets and save one for the end for myself.

  • California's laws are quite lenient regarding medical marijuana. It's ridiculously easy to acquire a "card," and I've done so.
  • It's ridiculously easy to go into any number of medical marijuana stores that pepper our streets, for good or bad, and purchase whatever type strain of weed you desire with the EXCEPTION of the very high CBD to THC kind that people with severe seizures are finding helpful
  • This particular kind has several names (the most "known" right now due to the recent publicity is called Charlotte's Web) but it is currently not available in California as far as I know
  • I repeat: The particular high ratio of CBD/THC is not readily available in California.
  • Charlotte's Web is available in Colorado, but you must move there, establish residency, apply for a medical marijuana card, get two or three doctors to sign off on it, and then get on a waiting list for Charlotte's Web
  • I am not planning on moving to Colorado for various reasons, including the most important: I have faith that California will soon have the right weed for Sophie and that it'll be available here. My faith is not religious but based on the forays I've made over the last few weeks.
  • I am on a waiting list that an industrious Californian is compiling as he works toward getting the stuff grown and made here.
  • I have learned that not just any high CBD/THC tincture you can get is worth trying. It must be tested by a reliable lab and be free of pesticides and fungicides.
  • The above bullet is one of the reasons that it's a travesty we don't have regulation of medical marijuana given its efficacy in treating a myriad of diseases and conditions.
  • I am extremely resentful that if you are a seventy year old male and can't have an easy erection, you can go to your doctor and get a prescription for Viagra, but I can't get a tincture of CBD for Sophie without moving to Colorado.
  • I find it repellent that I have given Sophie massive quantities of lethal barbiturates and other controlled substances over the last eighteen years that have done absolutely nothing for her seizures but am finding it so very difficult to at least give this apparently benign treatment a chance.
  • Not to mention the tortured thought of what might have been if the stuff works, and Sophie gets some relief.
  • Despite the many offers, you will probably not be able to find the stuff we need any time soon nor will any of your friends. While I appreciate the offers to ask a friend, mail you what I can find, etc., you would be better off working in your own states to help remedy current draconian drug laws.
  • That being said, I have a couple of friends who have volunteered to be my personal assistants/sherpas, and the work they're doing on my behalf will leave me happily indebted for all eternity. Thank you, MB and S.
  • That's a bullet for me.


  1. I have no adequate words. Only love for you in this fight.

  2. Thank you for the enlightening list of the issue and your journey. You've made it all very clear. The photo of Sophie you've included is simply gorgeous making my heart break over the fact that this Charlotte's Web IS available somewhere but is being withheld. It is pure sin. Sweet Jo

  3. Bullets 10, 11 & 12: Amen. AMEN!
    I am hoping, hoping, hoping that this door swings wide open, and you breeze right in.
    I suspect that some of the real "outlaws" in the drug trade are operating on the legal side of the business (big pharma).
    Sophie is SO lovely! What a gorgeous photo.

  4. If I was a praying woman my prayer would be Sophie, Sophie, Sophie.

  5. i had been wondering. it must be beyond exhausting to be orchestrating this crusade as well, but so many californians will be grateful.

  6. Don't get me started on Viagra vs. any number of other things that insurance won't pay for and you can't easily get.

  7. Love the photo.

    Drug laws make no sense. They really don't.

    No bullets for you!

  8. I wish that all of the money and effort that literally tsunamied into the campaign to legalize recreational marijuana in the state of Washington last year had instead been diverted to regulating a safe, reliable supply of medical marijuana in this state and others. I truly resent the fact that I cannot go to any park with my children and sit down without getting a face-full of someone's marijuana smoke but those who sincerely need the beneficial effects of marijuana are forced to do their own research on treatments unlike any other medication out there. That said, I most vehemently DO NOT want the pharmaceutical companies to get ahold of marijuana and turn it into yet another patentable money-maker for themselves to be withheld from those who most desperately need it because it is too expensive. I wish you luck very soon and am happy to help in any way I can.



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