Saturday, August 17, 2013

Favorite Comment of the Week from a Blog Post

The other day, I asked you readers what you felt insane and bitter about, and the replies I got were fantastic, but the one received today said it all:

I am laughing bitterly at the fact that I could easily get the kind of pot that spikes my seizures in the next half hour from Brian, the dude down the hall in my dorm that my friends and I have affectionately nicknamed "Salty Jesus," due to his hair's continual beach-swept, biblical appearance. But after more than 10 medications, a diet and brain surgery, I can't legally get the marijuana that could help my epilepsy. All hail the American medical system. 

Yes, Anonymous:  all hail the American medical system. I don't appear to be any closer to getting the CBD for Sophie despite having researched myself into near-expert knowledge. I guess the only thing to do at this point is wait.

I'm waiting.


  1. Truly a great comment. And you know- I've always found most weed dealers as generally very gentle, kind people.

  2. A marvelously astute comment...What is the situation in Europe regarding the use of medical marijuana? Would you be able to immigrate?

  3. That pretty much says it all! I don't think we have medical marijuana here in Britain -- not that I've ever heard of, anyway. (Fortunately I haven't had to try to seek it out.)

  4. OK, I'm inspired to ask another question. Actually I have never seen The Big Lebowski. Mean to, just haven't but the photo grabbed me. the question is this. Why wait? You know there are ways to get the stuff that are not, shall we say, official...if you have researched what she needs and you know what it is, why not go get it through unofficial channels?

    1. The simple answer to that, blogzilly, is that the high ratio CBD is not available through unofficial channels. Those who know me know that if it were, Sophie would already be trying it.

  5. God help us if the pharmaceutical companies are buying up all of the strains with the high CBD ratio in order to patent them. I hope against hope that that isn't why it's so hard to find! I'm still on the case and will keep you posted if I can find it.

  6. What's the outlook, Elizabeth, now that the word is out that some kids like Sophie are getting good results for this? Anyone coming up with the stuff to sell folks like you lined up to buy?

    Yeah, the illegal stuff is easy to get, but it 's not as though it's being made and sold in stores most places. You're still busted here if caught with it.

    Let us know who to lobby to get some of the high ration CBD available. This happens a lot when any rare drug or substance is found to do some good and there is a run on it. Who is supposed to be getting this down the channels? Any epilepsy groups getting militant here? I know that when there were shortage or a new drug development in some of the pediatric cancers, some of them rarer than children's seizure disorder, the parents groups got up arms and stormed to get the stuff available. . Tell us what we can do to help. I hope some of this

    I am hoping both that the stuff works for Sopie and many in her situation and that the the availability is there for all who need it.



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