Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Brother "Conversation," No. 457***

The Brothers were instructed to make dinner -- cook the chicken for the tacos and dispense the sides -- salsa, grated cheese, shredded lettuce, refried beans. Oliver is a Master Griller (I'm not joking), and Henry - well -- he always looks glamorous. When faced with the plastic top covering the container of salsa, this conversation ensued. Add in irony and humor, because that was the general tone.

Henry: Mom, how do I open the salsa?

Me: Henry, you get a small knife and pierce through that plastic and then peel it off.

Henry: I'm gonna starve in college, right?

Oliver: Henry, you're so bad in the kitchen.

Henry: Oliver, shut up or I'll kill you.

***The word "conversation" in quotes is intentional.


  1. I love your boys. It doesn't matter that I've never met them - I love them and their banter. They're just perfect.

  2. I adore Oliver's superiority and Henry's cheerful self awareness.

  3. Sounds about right! What are the boys up to this summer vacation?

  4. these two are pure entertainment !!



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