Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Vehicle Repairs

That's a sign from the parking lot of the Arclight Cinemas, the very fancy movie theater where I go to see movies when I go to see movies.  I used to joke around with my friend D that one day we'd become bank robbers, and lately I've felt like busting out. Hitting the road, getting the hell out of Dodge, starting over, forgetting the past, to hell with the Zen stuff -- you know, right? Or not. Maybe I'm just sort of simpatico with Sophie, who must feel like peeling off her skin as that drug is eliminated from her system. Wait. Who am I kidding with that presumption? While I battle, often, with the mixed identity thing -- where does Sophie begin and I start or where do I end and she begin? -- she is on her own path, and as much as I like to think I'm in charge, in control, I'm really just walking beside her. Except for when I am forced to make outrageous "choices" and decisions for her general welfare, like putting her on those 21 (yes, I mis-counted, and she's been on 21) drugs despite the sick feeling in my stomach each and every time. There's a lot of f**keroo bonzai to process here, so humor me. I've always had a problem with Authority. Sophie seemed better, today, thank Jesus -- went off to school with a bit of spring in her step. This is to be expected, evidently, the on again off again nature of the waning wean days. We upped the CBD in hopes that it'd help with the detox, so let's see what happens.

In the meantime, buck authority.

Drink all you want in a parking garage.

Loiter with your friends and rotate your tires.

Repair your vehicle.

Hell, exercise your body and your mouth.


  1. I can't imagine anywhere in the world except California where they would have to warn people NOT TO EXERCISE in certain places. That is as completely foreign to me as anything I've read on a sign in Mexico and trust me- that's pretty absurd.

  2. First: that sign. I love it. Reminds me of an absurd sign we came across on a remote beach in Ireland that was posted on the door of the public restroom. It read "No Wet-Shits in Toilet." As if. I mean, if it's coming, you can hardly contain it, right? And do they prefer you do it in the bushes on the dune? I took a photograph of it. I'll have to dig it out now.

    Second: I can't imagine the back and forth of weaning the drugs. I remember the weaning process from my major antidepressant drug about six years ago - the sweating and fuzzy vision, the ethereal feelings one minute and tooth-grinding electricity running through my brain the next. I send you both love and gratitude for the moments with smiles and long, drawn out breaths.

    Third: I'm emailing you a piece I have been working on this morning regarding that grey area of overidentification with our children. As Carrie Link says, "no accidents," and if you have time to look it over, I'd love your quick feedback. If you would rather go drink with friends or exercise in a parking garage, I completely understand. Only read it and respond if it will feed you and not rob you of precious time or energy.

    Much love.

  3. hahahaha. I'll be right over. Bringing my yoga stuff. Let's do yoga there. And maybe we'll change our spark plugs.

  4. love the decision to up her CBD and the spring in her step!

  5. Mmmm honey. Sophie takes after you, I bet. If you're feeling restless, and a trip, a getaway, a good long drive, is even remotely possible, take it.

  6. So funny, the exercise part. Dang.

  7. i am in upstate new york with a fickle 17 year old car that was in an accident two weeks ago and is now suddenly leaking power steering fluid or something and the steering just plumb gave out and thank god my husband is such a skilled driver and he guided that car with its knock-knock-knock engine to an auto repair place and hopefully they can fix it so we can find our way back to new york city with our daughter and her dorm paraphernalia. we're stranded. So the title of this post made me think you must be psychic. Haha. As if my vehicle repairs hold a candle to the real issues at hand. hope the CBD dose increase helps!

  8. That sign is, simply, dumb.

    Drinking? What? If they mean alcohol, then say it...otherwise, to suggest that you can't do something that is an act that the human body needs to survive is horrendously stupid.

    Loitering? To what end? Does that include waiting for my friend to come pick me up when my car breaks down? Because I sure as shit can't life the hood and fuck around with the hoses myself. Again...unclear.

    Vehicle Repairs? Not specific enough. I get a flat in your parking lot...what? I have to abandon my car there, leave the lot, then call mt pal? Cause I can't loiter there. If you mean having my care up on cinder blocks, I get it, but BE SPECIFIC, have some fucking fine print.

    Exercising...because if there was an opportunity to fix my flat, I'd want to stretch out first, and if someone cuffs me for doing some squats, I'm probably going to sue.

    Fuck you, sign.

  9. I clearly need coffee before responding to blogs...way too many typos.

  10. The thought of anyone repairing their vehicle in the parking garage of the Arclight is just so STRANGE.

  11. Love that sign and everything about that sign. It's literally, a sign, that one must find the humor in the absurd, which is your specialty!



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