Friday, May 2, 2014

Respite Tip, Number One

Thank you, D. for posting this funny photo on Facebook. For some reason it cheered me up after driving all over the godforsaken city in 98 degree heat with another drive due in twenty minutes and double headers tomorrow in both baseball and lacrosse.

Help me Rhonda.


  1. The amount of miles I've put on my car driving my teenagers is ridiculous. Hours and hours lately. But I told my son that it's nice having them trapped where they have to talk to me. Nowhere to run, he agreed, and we have had a few laughs.
    I can't fathom your heat, but I fear that's what we're going to get soon enough. It's been 40s, gloomy windy and rainy for days. Ugh.
    Thanks for the laugh with the sparkles, I need something to freshen up my look :)

  2. Do you still have the sparkly eye shadow I sent you? It might be time to use it.

  3. The more I look at this the more reasonable it becomes. I think I will try it for when my husband comes home from work... we could use a good laugh.



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