Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Disability/Healthcare Systems Equations in The Greatest Country On Earth

One arbitrary Medi-Cal denial form from months ago that isn't really a denial but more a shifting of benefits from one agency to another, yet neither agency knows which one

Call all these numbers. Be told to call back. Call another number. Be told a different number. Be told another number. Get through to recording. Be told that when your Medi-Cal identification has letters, in addition to numbers, this is what you do: Press *. Press key that has letter on it. Press number 1,2,3,4, for whatever position that letter might be, press rest of numbers and repeat previous instructions if another letter occurs, press #. Make mistake. Hang up. Start over. Get through and speak with telephone operator who can't help. Get new number.

The BIG FILE CABINET with twenty years worth of paperwork, roughly representing above factors times twenty (for years)

A tear-stained woman, clutching a mala in her teeth who has decided to let it rest for a bit since no one has answered her question.


  1. Dude-I feel you from my perspective as a midwife.

  2. It's a wonder you aren't blood-stained instead of tear-stained.

  3. I hear you! What a nightmare, and endless one at that! <3

  4. Please god that one day people will look back on all of this and be as baffled as we are that we had a "system" like this.
    What Kario said- bloodstained would be more believable.

  5. What crapola. Yeah, wow, what a great system. Medicare type coverage for all is the only answer.
    Sending love.

  6. omg it really is that bad. it's worse than pathetic.

  7. Ohhh brother, can I relate to this, having pumped furiously myself on the hamster wheel of insurance healthcare help. Getting no where but tired. I am with you in spirit dear friend.

  8. I'm so sorry you have to go through such shit.



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