Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sophie, Recovering

Yesterday was a very quiet day despite Halloween. The Brothers were away for most of it, and into the night, too. It was the first Halloween without them, and while I hate to admit it, I cried a little, off and on, all day. Sophie was still home from school, and rather than moon around with her, I got busy cleaning her room, rearranging her clothes, purging the old and too-small and all the while listening to music and chatting to her while she sat on her purple beanbag chair and played with toys. She seems to be recovering nicely from the trauma earlier in the week. It takes days and days for drugs like morphine and Ativan to leave her system, I believe, so I'm hoping that next week will be even better. I'm grateful that we figured out the problem without more medical intervention, and I'm grateful to have these sweet and peaceful times with her alone in the house despite my own melancholy for little boys and Halloweens past. Last night it poured rain for what seems like the first time in years, as I went to sleep, and this morning lacrosse practice was cancelled due to sodden fields. What more could one ask for? The universe is abundant.


  1. My son is 35 and I miss his trick or treating days, his Halloween birthday parties. Glad for your quiet time with Sophie, glad for improvement of any sort. The rain was close to magic. xo

  2. Hallelujah! I love that Sophie is recovering and that you had some quiet peaceful time at home with her. I had a houseful of five girls, tweens and teens, squealing, having dance parties, playing raucous card games and then we all went trick-or-treating for two hours in the pouring rain (nothing new for us up here). They all piled on each other like puppies at bedtime and awoke bleary-eyed and mewling for bacon. It was loud and glorious and I couldn't wait for them all to leave. I'm sure when we get to the days where this sort of thing doesn't happen anymore, I will miss it dearly and hope that one day I can do it with grandchildren, but today I will clean the house and enjoy the quiet.

    I love that they cancelled lacrosse practice. In Seattle, the fields are all torn up and muddy and the kids splash around in it and come home covered in splatters, smelling of sweet grass. It makes for a messy car but if you're going to play lacrosse up here that's the way it's done.

  3. All caught up in your blog world, so sorry and so grateful you are the intuitive you are with your sweet child.

    Fed homeless kids for halloween last night so missed the neighborhood year I'll be around.

    Blessings on your quiet house.

  4. Sophie looks content. And beautiful. As I imagine you did behind the camera.

    How about that rain?! So sorry I missed it. Darn.

  5. My Lord, but she is so beautiful. She does look content.
    Kids. Dammit, just when you get really used to having them around, they take off. What's up with that? Cruel little ungrateful wretches.
    You know I don't really mean that.
    But sort of.

  6. I'm so happy that Sophie is recovering. I understand & empathiE with your Halloween melancholy. Maybe it will be fun again when we're grandmas. (Our house is far from the street down a steep, dark driveway so no trick or treaters here.)

  7. Your time with Sophie sounds great. You have an ability with words to bring us there. And the boys and a few tears - I get that.

  8. Your Sophie is so elegant. Such a beautiful child.



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