Saturday, November 1, 2014

Saturday Three-Line Movie Review


Watching this movie was a bit like I imagine riding a roller coaster might be if I rode roller coasters and did so while listening to a pounding drum jazz soundtrack and then climbed off the ride and careened through dingy and claustrophobic Broadway theater hallways, perched on the edge of tall buildings and instead of jumping, decided to fly. Birdman is a wild, crazy ride of a movie that covers just about every cliche you can think of relating to theater, film, art, criticism of art, acting, the internet, mindfulness or the lack of presence, of being present in our insane digital world, yet cliche is somehow brilliantly avoided, and it just works. At the same time, despite the wonderful cast led by Michael Keaton and Edward Norton, and the wondrous editing that blurred reality and dream, I never felt transported out and off the edge of my seat but rather just exhausted from the ride.

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