Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday Three-Line Movie Review

Force Majeure

This very dry and very smart black comedy tells the story of a Swedish family on vacation in the French alps, all middle-classy, struggling with the usual weight of children, marriage and middle age until something happens that literally shakes them all up. I don't want to give away the plot, but if you like really smart movies about the constraints of marriage, about wondering what the hell we're all doing, about what we might do during an incipient disaster, about what we're actually made of and the often absurd shackles of bourgeois lifestyles, you will be as entertained and admiring as I. Why do Americans make movies that cost gazillions of dollars yet are never this good?

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  1. Why doesn't anyone besides you write movie reviews that are ever this good?

  2. I checked out the trailer online. Looks like an excellent movie and I'm sure it will never make it to Edmonton. Sigh.

  3. Your reviews are really quite amazing. I never thought of seeing this movie and now I will.

  4. I've been flirting with seeing this. Glad for your review.

  5. Because Americans make movies for teenagers.

    I haven't heard about this movie -- I'll have to watch for it. It sounds terrific.

  6. Did you see The Judge? I was surprised how much I liked it.



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