Thursday, January 29, 2009

O.K. I'm a Pittsburgh Fan

I hate football. It's with secret glee that I read a story today about early dementia in football players who've suffered multiple concussions. I'm not gleeful about these injuries -- it's just a bit of "I told you so" said to those who claim football is anything but barbaric.

But I digress. Because I read this article, here, and decided that I will cheer for the Steelers this weekend.

And hopefully wave a terrible towel.


  1. It's a good reason to root for the Steelers. The late Chicago columnist Mike Royko would have supported them because Pittsburgh is a real city, as opposed to the vast suburb of Phoenix. Once he favored Oakland in a World Series match because from the vantagepoint of the the platform on the old Oakland station, he once saw a man exit a bar and relieve himself on the side of the building. Just like Chicago, he said to himself.

  2. *heehee!* that was fun reading about the towels.
    I'll be peripherally rooting for the cardinals, just because I know my little birdie, Francis, will be rooting for them as a fellow winged individual. But I won't be watching the whole game...
    * ; )

  3. Gee, I'd like to watch you waving a towel at a football game!

  4. Elizabeth you are my new best friend! I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and like you am not a football fan. When you grow up here you realize it is about alot more than football. The whole city comes together.

  5. We have a Puppy Bowl Party that day and watch the Animal Planet Puppy Bowl. I always root for the little guy who almost falls in the water bowl with his long floppy ears. They have a good halftime show too - it's all kittens.

    (I like that story about the towels .... well, about the People with their towels ..... very cool)

  6. If you'd let me, I would love to send you a Terrible Towel from the 'Burgh!!



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