Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Corner View

I've joined a beautiful group of bloggers from all over the world, led by Jane. This week's theme is breakfast, and since I forgot in all the chaos of the early morning to photograph our little corner, here's a paean to AFTER BREAKFAST. When it's quiet and everyone is gone.

Two hours ago, the scene was much different. My youngest BOY is always a grump in the morning, refusing to eat, moaning and groaning. He chose these dry crackers with butter and jam and a couple of slices of melon. My oldest BOY smiles when he wakes up and eats anything agreeably. He, too, spread butter on the thin crackers with another layer of apricot jam. They chattered and quarreled and I pushed them to finish and brush teeth. You know the drill, I'm sure. Before he left, my oldest made me read the beginning of The Witches by Roald Dahl. We wondered if anyone we knew was a witch.

Sophie was still sleeping but woke much later, when all was quiet. She ate peanut butter toast while I sipped coffee with two teaspoons of sugar and lots of milk.

The dishwasher is humming and all is quiet. Sophie is sitting in her stroller/wheelchair, by the window where she is gazing up at the trees. It appears to be a much milder day after three blisteringly hot ones here in sunny Los Angeles.

Click HERE for the links (until I figure out how to copy them here!) and join us around the world as we celebrate our particular corners.

Good morning!


  1. yeah, i wouldn't even try to consider taking photos when my kids just wake and the day begins around here. around here the two oldest are the grumpy ones, while the youngest starts the day with a smile.

  2. Your little grumpy boy sounds much like my husband in the morning. Thanks for sharing your breakfast!

  3. This is fun!!! Good morning to you in wicked hot LA - my sis Barb lives in VanNuys. Yikes!
    Loved the pictures great idea! The Witches is one of my favorites! Loooved the movie. Have a peaceful day hon, Sarah

  4. the copying is quite easy, actually - just mark the links, for instance on jane's site, and copy and paste them into your own post! thanks for sharing your breakfast! therese in norway :)

  5. I hope your day was a golden one and your little guy is now smiling. xoxo

  6. What a beautiful sunny spot Sophie had to sit in. I love morning sun, I bet she did too :)
    Wow, it's a small world you are a student of Gurmukh, because I got her quote from a yoga book called "Ageless Yoga" by Juliet Pegrum purchased from a tiny little book store in Ireland!
    So nice to come across your blog.

  7. I am thinking what Ruth said: what a lovely spot for Sophie to sit in the sun, and from which to view the world. Such a tender photo. And I love your description of your boys' different "morning personalities." Gregg & I are like that: he's up & immediately awake, while I am slowly swimming to the surface. THinking of you this a.m.

  8. All 3 of my girls are gobbling up Raold Dahl ....and passing them onto me. I'm currently waiting for my turn to read Esio Trot - which my 1st grader tells me is tortoise spelled backwards - and indeed it is!

  9. I totally recognize this kind of family breakfast. All individuals and their little habits.



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