Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Need a Sugar Daddy

We're always looking for a bike carrier so that Sophie can go on bike rides with us. There are lots of bikes for special needs kids and adults, and Sophie actually has one. But we want one that she can ride in so that we can go out bicycling as a family.

I recently saw this one:

It's called a Trio and it's made by a company in Denmark. When I emailed the owner about it, asking him whether a small teenager with handicaps could fit into it, he emailed me back saying Yes, it's perfect for that use.

Then he told me that it costs around 3950 USD.

That's why I need a Sugar Daddy.


  1. This post got me curious if other people were making anything like the Trio (as a future OT researching adaptive equipment is one of my favourite activities)
    I found this one while still pricey it is 3000 less than the trio

  2. We discover unusual corners of our lives...

    A Trio is such an example!

  3. should you find that sugar daddy, can you see if he has a brother for me?

  4. If I had the money, I would buy it for Sophie! I think there are a LOT of people who feel that way, though.

  5. That's about as cool a bike as I've ever seen.
    Have you looked on ebay, or thought of a fundraiser? Maybe your boys, the neighborhood, a school, etc., would want to help you with bake sales, garage sales, penny drives, etc? Maybe a "Ride for Sophie" where people sponsored riders? (Just brainstorming here. Perhaps too much coffee, too early.)

  6. I think karengberger's idea is great - some kind of fudraising thing...even a button you could put on your blog for donations...BHJ does that sort of thing with a fair amount of success, right? Get other bloggers to help out...
    * : )
    and: what an awesome bike!!
    Sugardaddies are overrated...when they're not buying you stuff, they're just like regular men. *hahaha!*

  7. A sugar daddy or someone who could copy and implement it for you.

    If wishes were as good as gold, my wishes alone would get Sophie that bike.

    Love Renee xoxo

  8. Oh my God, it's beautiful. I wonder if you can ask the owner if they ever have sales? If they ever donate for a good cause? It would be perfect.

  9. Have you heard of Fundable? I don't know much about it, but a friend of mine in Nashville is using it (at the insistence of her friends) to raise money for an operation for a dog she had recently adopted. (See my post called Stella's Patella's.) I would love to participate in spreading the word for a Trio for Sophie. You need Sugarbloggers -- not a Sugar Daddy! :)



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