Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm Thinking

I've been quiet, of late, with the updates. Part of it is because I'm thinking. A mile a minute, as you can imagine, but aware, too, that I need to be quiet. That something is happening. I just don't know what.

A long time ago, a woman named Anna who was one of Sophie's occupational therapists said, "Watch out for too many hands."

When you're open to trying new things, when you take advantage of all that is said and thrown in your path, when you're struggling to differentiate between instinct and panic, the impulse is just that. Impulse. And it's wild and erratic and unsettling.

Too many hands.

So that's why I'm just thinking.


  1. Wow. I remember at one point early in the game...we fired everyone. Kicked every nurse, O.T. P.T. nutritionist...everyone out. And we worked on our own and then found one young woman to help. She came from a pet food store...she was perfect. And then we carried on. I hope you can feel your way to what you need to do...or not do, sometimes. Loving thoughts your way.

  2. Elizabeth, I saw your note on April blog about teh diapers and wanted to ask you to email me directly or call me. My email is Your blog is an inspiration.

  3. That is a beautiful sculpture. There should be more sculptures of women doing what they do best - thinking :)

    Follow your heart. It's what I tell myself when there's too much advice out there.

    p.s. I'm probably not going to do etsy anymore for a myriad of reasons - but I'll let you know about the "peace sign" as it comes to it's ultimate conclusion. You are dear.

  4. There are times to go "inside" and times to come out; take all the time you need. That seems like wisdom & discernment having a chance to work together. May you be led clearly to whatever is the next step.

  5. Hoping you get the light bulb...

  6. I also like the female thinker.
    All these years in life and its the first time I've seen her like that, lovely view.
    Enjoy the quiet and I hope your thoughts will bring you where you need to be.

    I look forward to visit again for 'breakfast'.



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