Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Advent Conspiracy

O.K. I know many of you hate Christmas out there (I won't name names), and some of you love Christmas -- the whole ticky, tacky tradition of it, love the true, essential meaning of it that is all but drowned out, but nearly all of you, I'm sure will appreciate this video which I'm using to start off my Third Annual Christmas Carol of the Day at a moon, worn as if it had been a shell. Whether you believe in God or Jesus or Mohammed or Yahweh or Buddha or the Great Chicken or nothing at all, you'll appreciate this video.

(Thanks to Zoey's Mom for sharing it!)


  1. You know me so well, dear Elizabeth. Good film. Good thought.

  2. In the spirit of Advent I am going to ignore the troller above and wish you and everyone here a joyful season.
    We have not exchanged gifts of any kind among ourselves for nearly 30 years because we need for naught. But we give KIVA our pledge and every month is an Advent-ure knowing that what little we give is meant for someone who needs it.

  3. Allegra, I've removed the comment above. I'm sorry that you had to read such a venomous comment.

  4. The video is great. But the rest of your blog is just riveting (and heartbreaking). You're a terrific mom and a talented writer.

  5. I love these videos.Posted on on my blog a while back.

  6. i love this video.

    my dark and twisty side want to read troll words

    how can anyone have an issue with that message?


  7. What a lovely video. I now buy my nieces and nephews goats or pigs for families overseas.

    Imagine what we could do indeed.

  8. This was very well done. A good message for us all... and I also wanted to thank you for being such a sweetheart and leaving that encouraging comment on my daughter's blog. So nice that you took the time : )

  9. I love that .... Feeling less guilty every year about how much I hate Christmas. This video puts into words for me.



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