Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Cards

Every year I make a Christmas card. In the early years, I really MADE them -- I bought paper and paint and stars and glitter, I took pictures of my baby, then two babies and then three and glued them on the card. Slowly, over the years, I made less and less, used the computer more and more and now order the card like millions of other people. But I don't think there's anything wrong with that -- it's a card, a greeting, a message that yes, we're still here and they're still growing and we're grateful for another year. It's to wish you

Peace on Earth and Mercy Mild.

1995 - New York City

1996 - the card that inspired a sermon

New Year's card, since we'd moved to Los Angeles


  1. love.

    and there are no rules.
    I've often mailed out cards that I know will arrive "late".
    Like this year even.
    I've mailed half the pile, never gotten to the other.

    I realize it's probably a bit of a dying tradition, but I do love sending them without fail to some of the older relatives who I know truly treasure them

  2. Aah those pictures of Sophie just melted my heart, so incredibly gorgeous. And that second card is a piece of art.

  3. We send Chinese New Year's cards. They are never lost in the deluge of cards around this time of the year, they are more in accordance with our philosophy and there is no pressure from anywhere, while people truly like to get a greeting a couple of months after the "expected" time.

    I won't be around so Merry and Happy and all of that with my love as always.

  4. this brought me to tears.
    So sweet, such love.

  5. These are wonderful. Hang in there on this stormy day. The days are getting longer -- spring will be here soon.

  6. The bottom photo is beautiful - She is truly gorgeous. I just got your card in the mail today, although I was stumped by the name on the envelope until I opened it. Whatever it may be, the card is great. Who has the time or energy to really MAKE card anymore? These are ideal.

    Thank you for sending us one. :)

  7. Lovely images, of your beautiful daughter all those years ago. Thanks, Elizabeth and greetings of the season to you.

  8. This is a beautiful series of family cards through the years, Elizabeth. Happy Holidays!

  9. Hi Elisabeth,
    I came over to look at the lovely picture of Sophie that Rebecca had on her blog. So beautiful. She is truly an angel. I don't think that I have seen a better Christmas photo.



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