Saturday, December 11, 2010

What Christmas looks like

I'm back from my whirlwind expert meeting and had to hit the ground running.

Here's what my house looks like:

sad, undecorated tree

partially decorated gingerbread house that The Husband helped to make during the one hour he had home this week

bags of crap

Christmas cards, ordered early and sitting in box because I've lost my address file

the children's dinner

That's what Christmas looks like at our house, on the eleventh of December.


  1. I have a long list of undone Christmas crap as well. Not sure if it will get done or not, not really caring right now.

    Remember to breathe. Your kids will enjoy the day whether it's perfect or not.

  2. Hey- at least you have a tree. And a partially decorated gingerbread house. I have nothing. Nada. Just a mere sliver of a plan to do some point.
    Love you, girl. Glad you're home.

  3. Oh good bog you gave me the mad giggles then the loud donkey braying sound...oh dear the birds have ruffled out of the yard. I scared em.

    I'm glad it's not just me. I try not to listen to my office mates at work. They're all so PREPARED and I'm thinking I wonder if it's too late to order Cajun hot sauce from Lousiana for my son...will it get here on time? And thinking about maybe vacuuming.

    I adore you.

  4. ps. It was Bag of crap that really set me off!

  5. We are only doing our tree today and our house looks amazingly similar:) Jen

  6. I see wine :)
    And think what you'll save on postage :)

  7. Some crazy might see this and try to tell you you are going to burn in hell for trying to lead stubborn donkeys with that carrot.

  8. hmm, how about just opening one of those bottles of wine (behind the bags of crap)? :) This year I feel very Christmasy, even though all the decorations are still only in my mind, and my house looks like, well, its messy old-self!

  9. We, too, have a beautiful, fragrant, well-watered and absolutely undecorated frasier fir in the living room and a big box of un-stuffed, un-addressed Christmas cards! That said, we just put my parents on the road after a great, though always too brief, visit for Grace's 11th Birthday and "stage debut" as a Frontier Soldier in the Nashville Ballet's Nutcracker at TPAC last night. Family always trumps decorating!

  10. I'm with Francesca. Open one of the bottles of wine, smell that good Christmas tree smell, forget about the cards and the bags of crap (which, incidently, don't look too bad from my perspective), eat the gingerbread house. I actually think you're ahead of the game for December 11th!

  11. OMG. You make the most awesome dinners.
    I've done nothing for Christmas yet. Baking the pieces for a gingerbread house on Monday. Driving it to AZ for assembly on Tuesday. Tree.......the 19th. I hope.

  12. Funny, I just commented on someone else's page that I don't remember any of my family's trees or the gifts that exchanged hands. I remember things we did, like puzzles, board and card games, rock hunting, fishing, my uncle snoring during the symphony (Brahms is pretty relaxing), uttering my first naughty words at the tender age of five when we saw A Chorus Line.

    Our house always had a very lived-in look, too. And your tree isn't undecorated, it's natural!

  13. We were planning on getting the tree today finally, but it's pouring out.
    And when my girls come home they want to make the gingerbread house with their sisters .

    I actually realize how little gift buying we actually do anymore, how I don't spend all those hours zoned out in the stores, and that is Joy to My World in a big way.

    We used to host at least one work party, and the now fizzled out neighbourhood progressive party, so it was good to have the push to get it all done. Now , a little at a time, enjoy the process, enjoy the whatever.

    love you

  14. I predict that you'll all of a sudden get into the mood and it will look just glorious when it needs to.

    Our house is always decorated late because Eve's birthday is in early December and we are all banned from doing anything remotely Christmasy before her celebrations are complete.

  15. Yikes. I know you'll get it all done, though. I just know it.



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