Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stumbling toward ecstasy

It's been raining in LA for three days, and despite the gloom I am grateful. I went to bed with the intention to dream, and I did so. I am grateful for that. Rebecca at recuerda mi corazon is hosting a Sunday stumbling toward ecstasy community. Stumbling toward ecstasy sounds good on the tongue, slipping out of dreams and sleepy out of bed, sprinkled with rain.


  1. grateful in the gloom—
    as if my heart had opened
    like thirsty flowers

    Stumbling…Come to Me

  2. Hating the rain.Don't mind saying.As a Upstate New York transplant here in LA,I have most definitely grown accustomed to the sunshine.And spoiled.26 years of rain was plenty.

    Happy Sunday.Stay cozy.We are off to church in the poring rain but will be thinking of your beautiful last Carol of the Day ... one of my all time favorites.

  3. This is a lovely photo. It is raining hard in Santa Barbara as well. I am grateful for blogfriends with beautiful posts and amazingly mystical titles such as this. I was trying to remember to which title your lovely name was attached. "The moon, worn, as if it had been a shell", I love that so much!

  4. Beautiful. And isn't rebecca always coming up with the most heart-fulfilling ideas?

  5. LOVE your PEACE wreath!!I think we are going to have a Moon eclipse soon?!!I glimpsed a headline on here somewhere about it! I LOVE rain and the moon! Happy Sunday!

  6. How much rain would that be in inches of snow I wonder! Just catching up with your posts on your handsome boys. They are both seriously good looking and that's an unbiased opinion.

    I wish for all of you a peaceful and merry Christmas. I won't go so far as to wish for dry although that would be nice.


  7. Gorgeous photograph. Love the idea of stumbling towards ecstasy.
    Enjoyed your post.

  8. Stumbling towards ecstasy sounds wonderful.

    The sun has set already, not long after four. It snowed all day and my world is covered in mounds of fresh snow. I baked shortbread and bread, so the house is warm and smells wonderful. It's lovely and perhaps I have stumbled upon my kind of ecstasy.

    Have a lovely day Elizabeth.

  9. thank you for your dreamy repose. for awakening close enough to ecstasy to
    carry us along.
    i love how nature throws indiscriminate, handfuls of leaves, petals into the wind and what emerges is a beauty that sings straight into the heart.

    your words do this for me too.
    thanks for being here....

  10. Enjoy your rain ... It's pretty special stuff :)



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