Saturday, December 4, 2010

QuikShower Wipes - A Review

I think I've mentioned before that being a blogger has its near-transcendent perks -- namely getting to know so many incredible other bloggers -- mothers and fathers and artists and musicians and poets and comedians -- my life has been so enriched that it's near impossible to really do justice to the joys I get from blogging.

The more superficial perks I get, though, are opportunities to receive free STUFF and then write reviews of that stuff. While I recoil from most commercial items, I was recently contacted by a company that makes disposable washcloths for kids.

You're raising your eyebrows right now, right?

Who needs disposable washcloths, first of all, when you can just take a shower?

Well, I'm the mother of two boys who adore sports and I bet that they spend six to eight hours a week, between them, practicing those sports. Since we live in a city and try to carpool to all those practices and games, we often have five boys in the Mazda, and sometimes, well -- it stinks. I don't know when little boy smell turns into big boy smell, but when it happens it's overpowering. And that's when disposable washcloths actually do come in handy.

Here boys, I yell over their din, glancing in the rear view mirror at their red and sweaty faces, Open these up and wash up. And then I toss back a few packs of QuikShowerWipes.

Here's what the company says about them:

QwikShower Wipes are a must-have for active children and pubescent tweens and teens who get soiled, sweaty, stinky and self-conscious.  These portable single-use disposable washcloths offer an easy, convenient and economical way to help kids get clean and eliminate embarrassing grime and body odor after gym class, sports, outdoor play and other physical activities. QwikShower Wipes are also great for adults for use after the gym, a jog, when traveling, during a long shift at the office, or even after work en route to another engagement. Purchase online at - 1 for $1, 10 for $7, 50 for $29 and 100 for $49.

Isn't that bad for the environment? you might ask as well. Do we really need another disposable product?

I'm happy to report that QuikShowerWipes are actually green, at least to the extent that unlike popular body sprays, they are non-aerosol so there are no fluorocarbons. That also means, evidently, that the scent doesn't invade everyone else's personal space or overwhelm a locker room. I'd say the only weakness, as far as my feelings about this is that it is disposable and apparently not biodegradable.

However, overall, I'm impressed with the product and wish that I'd had a few in my backpack, particularly in middle school when I had split period lunch. That meant thirty minutes of PE, followed by lunch and then back to PE. It was mortifying enough to show up in the cafeteria in a polyester, snap front jumper (yes, that's what we wore back in the seventies) but to be sweaty and stinky, too?

Visit the site here and surprise your teen, tween or stinky child with the cute package.

**I received no compensation for writing this review -- just a few packs of QuikShowerWipes which my boys loved.


  1. We have been shocked by the fact that the schools no longer allow time for the kids to shower after P.E. I recall the smell of carpooliing boys, and this product seems like a wonderful idea! Not just for the gym, but also for the hospital, when patients want to freshen up, but a bath or shower is not possible. And for road trips, power outages...

  2. Less embarrassing than baby wipes :)



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