Friday, December 10, 2010

Carol of the Day

I used to sit on my green shag carpeting in my bedroom when I was a kid and play The Carpenters over and over on my hi-fi. The record player had a smoky brown lid that I carefully removed, put the record on and placed the needle on the groove. Then I'd lie on my back with the album cover and listen.

You might gather that I was the ultimate nerd, and I was.


  1. SO DID I (except my shag carpet was tri-color: brown, gold and yellow)!

  2. My parents used to listen to the Carpenters when they would get ready to entertain. I remeber lying on their dark brown carpet with the Carpenters blaring from the old 8 track. I can still smell my dad's cologne.

  3. No shag carpet here but plenty of Carpenters, and I was more into Joan Baez than pop music, but Karen's voice could charm the birds off the trees. We only just began still gets me today.

  4. I love what Allegra said...

    and my record player had a smoky brown lid, what a memory jolt!!

    I got it along with a subscription to Columbia records,Christmas 1972.

    (are you home?)

  5. No shag carpet ... But red and purple paint ... And the carpenters and Jesus Christ superstar and cat Stevens ... Goodness, we were mellow :)

  6. the best kind of nerd.
    She breaks my heart.



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