Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Mornings, Coffee, Music and Reflections

The title is that of one of my favorite bloggers, A Cuban in London, who writes beautiful posts each Sunday (and many other days), weaving music, politics, literature and food together into something entirely unique. Last week he challenged his readers to answer a few questions about biological determinism and has posted the responses on his blog today. You can go over there and read my answers and reflections.

And in the spirit of Cuban, I'll post this music and go drink my first cup of coffee of the morning.


  1. What a fascinating discussion! I enjoyed it.

  2. I came from Cuban. Enjoyed the discrussions and meeting new bloggers.

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous...I adore Cesaria Evora (though she is from Cape Verde not Cuba); a stunning rendition of an exquisite song; her voice positively makes my skin quiver. Heading over to your friend's blog now. x

  4. When I was studying for my degree we were told about 50% genetics, 50% environment. I thought it was a very lopsided idea then and I still, more so now actually, think exactly the same.

    I adore Cesaria, she came to Portland in the late 90s (she comes every 10 years but this year she had open heart surgery so she didn't) anyway, she came at a time when her voice and her "duende" were a welcome respite from some dark times. Elinor and I went together and I will never forget her, barefoot and dancing on the stage, full of the joy of bringing to others a bit of magic with her voice and her attitude.

    This Wednesday Leonard Cohen, one of my favorite Buddhists is coming.
    I wish you could join us.

  5. Wow, you're really are indulging me now! That song is included in my Favourites' list, on my youtube account. I adore Cesaria. Many thanks for taking part in the debate.

    Greetings from London.



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