Thursday, December 16, 2010

You didn't think I was going to do it, did you?

In between soccer playoffs, the flag football banquet, the Cub Scout December meeting, the Geometry of Architecture fourth grade math project which involved re-creating and then writing about the geometric principles of one of the world's great architectural masterpieces, ours being the Seattle Space Needle (due, of course, on the second to last day of school before vacation, what the hell is the teacher insane?), the snowglobe project where the Boy had to bring in a damn jelly jar, the back and forth and then withdrawal from my fellowship, the lacrosse practice, the poetry reading and the seizures, well,

HERE YOU GO and Fa La La La La La La La La La!!

don't gag on the sweetness, but the Chef is paper-mache

simplified mantel, looks better in the dark when lit with little tiny lights 

the owl ornament is mine from 1971 -- made in West Germany when that was still a country

each year I give an ornament to The Husband and my three children, a tradition that I'm carrying on from my own childhood

trains and boys and men -- no more need be said

this might be the first year that the Swiss Husband relinquished the decorating

Sort of Creepy Santa, but I love him


  1. Well, jingle all the way! Very nice. You didn't mention what you are doing in your spare time.


  2. I did that with my own children, an ornament in their stockings every Christmas.

    Your house looks lovely and Christmasey.

  3. Thanks for the little peek into your Christmasy world. I adore the creepy Santa!

  4. It's a lot of lovely kitsch :)

    did you really withdraw from the "fellowship?"

    "so-called" fellowship?

    "real" fellowship wouldn't have let you withdraw ....

  5. Do you ever sleep?
    This is beautiful and you know what I love best- THE CREEPY SANTA!

  6. I am stunned by the gingerbread house that actually stands up. Ours always collapse under the weight of the candy and frosting, or the frosting isn't gluey enough to hold the seams together.

    And I'm pretty damned impressed by the rest. Hope you get a chance to sit and enjoy it at least a little bit every day for a while.

  7. OMG there's a floating Santa Head in your lawn! Somebody KILL IT!!!!!!

  8. i'm impressed! love that photo of the boys with their electric trains.

  9. I love it. I particularly love the floating Santa head. How many neighborhood kids have been permanently scarred by that!

  10. Oh, I love this posting. I feel as if I've been invited into your cozy home. Thank you.
    That gingerbread house is making me hungry. I love all of the ornaments.
    Did you indeed withdraw from the fellowship? I'd love to hear if there's any follow-up to that.

  11. Damn woman, you impress me! Wow.
    And you have an evil Santa like Ms Moon!

  12. Very festive! A train set would make me happy too!

  13. Gingerbread house? Our Christmas Eve tradition. Giving ornaments yearly. Us, too. Chef Santa? Looks strangely like my "pink Santa' which my neighbor keeps mocking every year. Creepy Santa? um....creepy. I love your mantle filled with tiny treasures and meaningful objects This is want it is all about, after all. And the train...oh envy! We want one so badly! (The Boy and I)

  14. The gingerbread house is unreal!!!

    You make a house a home in the best ways.



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