Friday, December 17, 2010

Carol of the Day

Is there a sexier caroler than Marvin Gaye? I think not.


  1. I've had you in the bloglist for a while now. And I've no clue how I got to you. On your comment on my blog, you there is something about carols right enough, hope I think.

    Ah Elizabeth, whenever you see multiple comments from the same person coming like morse on a blog. I don't mean the 'sorry for the typo's' or the addition of something lost from the first comment, you know the daaaaaa-dum. No, I mean a new argument entirely. Then you watch yourself and your back. For there will be hate coming at you from all directions. As to an understanding of gray, that's just beyond them. Oh, sometimes you will find a number of different And contradictory arguments within the same comment.

  2. Listening to this makes me want to dance. And I love dancing before breakfast. Kind of sets the tone for the whole day.

  3. I've never heard this before ... love it.



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