Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rainy Day in LA Horoscope for Virgo

You long for a resting place to catch your breath as inevitable changes increasingly infringe on the status quo. You might try letting down your guard today only to be surprised when someone does something totally unexpected that prompts you to question your assumptions and your conclusions. Be smart and don't let yourself get attached to your expectations. Your best strategy is to roll with the waves of change until they settle back down.


  1. I don't believe in horoscopes and don't like arbitrary determinations. I want to order my life (do we see more than a hint of controlling nature here)? But I've got to say, there's a lot of good in that horoscope and paired with the picture, it's a fine meditation. Hope today is good for you.

  2. I'm of the same mind as Kathleen. I will say that I hope you don't live on the side of a canyon!


  3. Hard to do if you're a Virgo. Don't Virgos thrive on certainty? Not that I pay much heed to horoscopes either. As Kathleen says, they're a bit too deterministic and as well, the words here could well apply to anyone, anywhere, born on any day of the year. But still horoscopes are fun to read, especially well worded ones like this.

    Does it apply to you?

  4. I think this is good advice for every one.

  5. That is the exact advice I got from a lifeguard who had to come out and rescue me in a big set. I was getting scared, tired and beginning to panic as each big wave smashed on top of me. He said that if there was a next time I needed to dive under them as they came in and wait it out. They usually roll in tens. It was a real washing machine experience. Yikes E!



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