Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Carol of the Day

Whenever I hear Glen Campbell's voice, I am plunged back into childhood and think of my mother. There's something about this carol that makes me think of both my parents -- the sound of my childhood in the seventies, Christmas and records, simplicity and mistletoe, my parents kissing, the smells of everything.


  1. The part I liked about your thoughts was "parents kissing". How many people can say that?

    I love your masthead photo, especially the wreath.

  2. how wonderful...
    I do love all those old songs so much.

  3. Gently on My Mind is a beautiful song. I burnt it on a CD of my favorite country hits.

    And I love the peace wreath. I'm inspired :)

  4. I'm a weak-knee-ed Glen fan. Never heard that one before, so thanks for sharing. Love that image too. so faux!

    xo, Steph



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