Monday, February 3, 2014

The Anthem Bonfire Party

February 1, 2014

Dear Customer Service,

I have made repeated attempts to get in touch with you regarding my daughter, Sophie XXXX's  Anthem Blue Cross membership, but I have been unable to get through to a human for some time. I understand how busy you’ve been with changes because of the Affordable Care Act, and I am taking this opportunity to inform you that Sophie will no longer be a member as we have decided on a different and better health plan for her and for our family.

Please cancel Sophie XXXX's membership. Her ID number is XXXXXXXXX.

I will also take this time to let you know that our affiliation with Anthem Blue Cross has never been anything but a frustrating nightmare, that you have caused great anguish and stress for our family over the past decade and that we are beyond thrilled to be rid of you. I can only hope that your company will learn to be as ethical as you are profitable, but I imagine these are high hopes, indeed, and I don’t pretend that a small customer like ourselves will make much difference leaving your business.


Elizabeth Aquino


  1. The worst. As Jay-Z said, get that dirt off your shoulder.

  2. Hell yes! That boulder is tossed off your shoulders and now you'll be able to fly freer into that beautiful blue sky of yours.

  3. Hallelujah! Although it would be so much more satisfying to know that someone who worked there gave a damn. It's hard when your feedback falls on deaf ears (assuming it ever makes it to the ears at all).

  4. Toss that cross into the fire!

  5. Well done! You could have a nice little side business writing letters such as this for other people. It's a rare skill. I loved the "ethical as you are profitable" part.

  6. And also, mustnt it be demoralising to work there too and know what a rubbish bad job you are devoting your life to? Some things are just bad through and through.

  7. congratulations! They may not pay attention, but we still need to say our piece.

  8. Clapping. Hard. Loud.

  9. I find American health care and American health care insurance quite sickening. I looked up Anthem Blue Cross and the company of which it is a subsidiary, Wellpoint. 2.66 billion fucking dollars in net income in 2012. It's so nice to see that raping and pillaging hasn't gone out of style.



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