Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday Three-Line Movie Review

I went to the Chilean movie Gloria with great expectations that I'd sit in orgasmic joy watching a middle-aged woman find herself and prove her sexual identity in spite of her age or size or whatever, and while Paulina Garcia's portrayal was what they call a tour de force, I left the movie feeling depressed and hung over for the rest of the day. This is no Shirley Valentine, a movie I found charming, sweet and superficial, but more cinema verite, and while my view is perhaps contrarian, I felt dragged down and through the dark bars and false night-clubs of Santiago and utterly not seduced by the man with whom Gloria has a passionate affair. An intense female movie about aging, Gloria lingers on Garcia's face, her every expression, is a film about seeing, actually, and while I'm on the subject, Gloria's over-sized and awkward glasses that I could never quite figure out (were they purposefully vintage?) distracted me throughout the whole movie which might be the review right there: I just didn't want to see it.

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  1. And I had such hopes for this one. It's gotten good reviews.

  2. I love your movie reviews - I can see a film vicariously through your three sentences - or in this case - NOT see it

  3. What Kim Andersen said. I clap with glee when I see these titles. Half the time I have no idea what the movie is.



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