Saturday, February 1, 2014

Saturday Three-Line Movie Review

I could probably write a three word review of Jason Reitman's saccharine peach pie (significant scene!) of a movie Labor Day, and those three words would be Really?, Really?, and Really? Neither Kate Winslet's acting chops nor Josh Brolin's manly biceps could possibly save this Damsel-in-Distress-Saved-By-Ex-Convict-Prison-Escapee-and-Creepy-Adolescent-Nerd-Son melodrama that ranks up there with Autumn in New York as a movie where I both squirmed in my seat because of the lack of explicit sex (which might have saved it) and felt embarrassed for the filmmaker. Really.

Other 3-line movie reviews:



  1. It looks like rubbish for sure, thanks for confirming that.

  2. It's not a movie I'd considered going to see anyway, but if the occasion should ever I arise, I'll remember this three-word review. Gracias.

  3. Elizabeth, I am in love with all of these reviews. Your writing does something to me. I rarely see movies. But now I am finding myself looking forward to YOU seeing them so that you can write a poignant little ditty for me to read.

    You are so effing talented. Really? Really? Really.

  4. I suspected it was crap - thanks for the confirmation. You should get paid for this shit!

  5. That's a shame. Kate Winslet is such a great actress. Wonder what she was thinking when she took this part?



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