Friday, March 7, 2014

Vesuvius in YOUR Home

I've told ya'll about the new e-book publisher, SheBooks, right? They'll be publishing a bit of my writing in the next few months, but right now, right this instant, they've published my dear friend and writer extraordinaire Brittany Tuttle's (of Vesuvius at Home fame) novella. It's called Stone and Spring, and I have already downloaded it on my Kindle and read about half of it last night before finally having to go to sleep Like everything Brittany writes, it's gorgeous, tight -- lyrical and intense. And like nothing she's ever written (that I've read) or that's been written, maybe, by anyone, it's at once deeply feminine, childlike and just this shy of brutal. I felt, reading the first half or so, like I was unwinding a spool of film -- black and white -- the images transparent and haunting, an undercurrent of violence. But, hey, I'm not even finished with the book. I can't wait for tonight when I'll climb into bed and finish it, come up for air.

Go over to and order yourself a copy.

P.S. That film analogy was a careful one -- I can imagine some unwitting person reading it lightly and then realizing that they're holding the next great independent film.


  1. Elizabeth, you nailed it. I curled up with this novella last night and was transfixed all over again. She's so brilliant, our Vesuvius.

  2. Ooh, can't wait to get it! And I want to hear more details of the work they'll be publishing from you, too.

  3. Can't wait, can't wait. Can't wait.

  4. Oh my. Thanks for steering me there. I read the sample and had to buy it right away and I think I know how the rest of my night will be spent. Such writing. Hooray.

  5. I am speechless. Thank you so very much, Elizabeth. I read this while out to dinner and got emotional in an Italian restaurant.

    We will be so lucky to read your gorgeous work when your Shebook is out!

  6. This post is just lovely. Thank you! I have to say, I'm glad I'm not the only one who read this and thought of what a cool film it would make. I would LOVE to see this story made into a film, it'd be fantastic.



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