Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weekend wrap-up in these parts (not pants)

That's Sophie's little foot right there in the corner. She's had quite a few seizures the last couple of days, probably the remnant of the moon's pull and tides. At least that's what we're saying in these parts.

Oliver had a lemonade stand and made quite a bit of money, a portion of which he's donating to the non-profit foundation that is helping children get access to medical marijuana.

Henry just walked by and did that trick where you make a horrible noise by holding your hand in your armpit and waving your arm up and down. I said Why would you think I would think that's funny? I know it's trite, but boys. Yeah, boys.

I've done laundry, supervised the lemonade stand, read a bit of Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City, talked on the phone with friends, argued a bit about Confederate flags and the people that fly them, restrained myself from eating sugar, moved papers on my desk to the kitchen and then back, walked to CVS with Sophie to pick up her medications and felt grateful that she receives SSI funding so I can actually pay the deductibles without careering off into the financial anxiety abyss I find myself in these days.


What happened in your parts? (not pants)


  1. boo for seizures. hope the reprieve comes soon. thoughts of only the good kind to you and sophie and the boys. so proud of oliver for all he does... and thank god for henry and his ability to keep it real. hope the moon is done with its pull soon and you can get back to the seizure freedom that was starting to be your new norm. hugs.

  2. I could never do that armpit trick. I honestly did try, as a kid, but I suspect I wasn't very dedicated in my attempts.

    Sorry to hear about the seizures. Hopefully they are a temporary blip.

  3. Seizures. Bummer. They will go away again. Henry's antics reminds me of my son. I laughed at the recognition. Yes boys. And Oliver is going to run the world and employ us all. Kudos on his lemonade stand.

  4. I had an entire week full of armpit farts. Boys. In a way I'm jealous--because to him, farts are always funny. Always.

  5. One of these days something is going to happen in my PANTS that I will want to share and will hope you are open it to it! ;) um, I'm kidding - just to clarify :)

    Hope those seizures go back to where they came from, and fast!!

  6. so sorry to hear about sophie's seizures this weekend. mysterious factors, including the moon, can influence thresholds. may things quiet and stabilize again very soon.

  7. We took Katie out yesterday. She was happy to see us but quickly became anxious. The mall, which she normally loves, was way to busy and noisy. She has a general anesthetic on Wednesday to get her dental work done. This always makes me anxious but I'm sure things will go well.

  8. Yep. Full moon. We have no idea the power it holds over us.
    You sure are pretty.
    Raining. That's what's going on in my parts.

  9. Full moon, earthquake prescience maybe... who knows. Did she seem affected by the quake at all? And by the way, it's not just boys. Lola loves armpit farts and she can belch the paint off the walls. And then I've got little miss hairspray wafting through every other room in the house. Oy. Here's hoping your life settles down this week and the Confederate flag-flyers put it away, already!

  10. ok. why are you still paying co pays if Sophie has medi-cal? I am coming down ther for a tutorial. Look out CVS.



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