Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up

Last night, I went to see a show at The Comedy Room in West Hollywood. My friend Andy was the headliner, along with Kevin Smith. The show started at 11:00. That's pm, Readers. I sat on a black vinyl couch in  a dingy old room next to a friend who sat where Frank Sinatra evidently used to sit, back in the day. I pretended to be Ava Gardner but then remembered that old blue eyes beat her up a lot, so I went back to being me, the me that loves my friend Andy's comedy. Kevin and Andy do a podcast called Edumacation, and it's part Science (Andy is one of the smartest people I know) and part Raunch (Kevin) and part Sweet (both Kevin and Andy) and all Funny. The Comedy Club is the kind of place with a two-drink minimum, and the last time I've been in a place like that it might have been the twentieth century. I ordered a bourbon on the rocks and sipped that until midnight when I switched to Diet Coke. The night was raucous, and I laughed and carried on like I was twenty-five instead of fifty. Let's not fool ourselves, though. I got home at 2:30 in the morning, and despite only having that one bourbon, when I woke at 8, I felt ooooooooooooold.

The Big O was born in the 21st century and knows how to make lemonade and sell it. That's what he did all day, clearing another $100.

The Teenager made a few glamorous appearances in between throwing the lacrosse ball against the side of the house and video games in his room.

I lay on my bed recovering from the late night, reading New Yorkers and texting my entourage. Sophie sat next to me, recovering from earthquake-induced seizures, with her beads and her brush. Occasionally, we'd get up and go outside, lie down on a big blanket under the trees and the sky and the sun.

Reader, what sort of things did you do?


  1. Ah ha! Many weekends I just limp through, but I spent time with friends, did 342 loads of laundry, took this kids ice skating AND on a walk, and am reasonably cheerful to boot. Praise be, it's a miracle!

    I think Oliver's influence has seeped into my house because The Boy is FULL of money making ideas lately and, should his plans be fulfilled, we'll be opening a full service restaurant on the sidewalk shortly. Today he asked if I'd want a movie theater in my bedroom. I thought he was offering to build me one with his riches - alas, he was going to borrow the room to charge admission. Long live capitalism.

  2. I was in bed most of the day recovering from the stomach flu looking through my curtains and noticing what a beautiful day it was. :(. Your evening sounds like it was a lot of fun. And your children are special - all in their own way. Ok, Henry is hot. Sweet Jo

  3. Is that Kevin Smith of "Clerks" fame? His movies are a hoot. I'll have to check out that podcast! Your day seems every bit as restful as mine, and at least you weren't contending with a cold. :/

    Way to go on the entrepreneurship, Oliver!

  4. I pulled weeds. Lots and lots of weeds. Then planted some beans and squash. And went to bed.
    That was my day. It was okay.
    Those boys. My goodness.
    I can't believe you stayed out that late. I am in awe.

  5. I got the silent treatment, for no apparent reason.

  6. I too am in awe. I can almost make it to 9 sometimes 9:30.

    We had my daughter's baby shower in the park with many small boy children running around, flying kites, eating brownies and drinking store bought lemonade.

  7. I was on a black vinyl couch in the dingy room of my soul. But I've already been under today's blue sky and well, that's good.

  8. There was much bourbon drinking going on here this weekend (although not by me). Bubba had a boys' night in, with bourbon tasting (well, it was mostly drinking, not tasting), ribs and potato salad, and Cards Against Humanity. Fortunately, the girls were both out doing something else and I called a girlfriend to take me away post haste. Sunday was Family Movie Day and we lounged in the basement watching movies made from Tom Clancy novels that the girls have never seen. When Ben Affleck came on the screen as Jack Ryan, Eve sat up straight and said, "Hello!" and I nearly fell over laughing. Paella for dinner made by Bubba and it turns out it was a lovely weekend. Hope the earthquakes and seizures stop immediately!

  9. Wow, i had 2 glasses of wine last week and made it until about midnight... of course i had to wake up at 6 am because it was a school day the next day. I was no good for about 48 hours... but yet I find it so worth it! This weekend was a complete wash-out - torrential downpour here in Jersey but we were all happy that at least the shit falling non stop from the sky wasn't SNOW. It's been a bloody awful winter here... school is already extended til June 25th! rip off!

  10. Old(er) age makes us lightweights when it comes to booze, and that's probably a good thing. Hey, if your kid can clear $100 selling lemonade, perhaps I should give it a shot on my street. Could be my mad money. And what did I do this weekend? Nested at home and loved every minute of it.

  11. I feel old just thinking about staying up until 2:30 in the morning! Love your weekend wrap-ups, they never fail to deliver.



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