Friday, June 26, 2015

Hedgebrook, Day 2

It's a day of love in the land we call country, an affirmation met with as much wonder in the woods as the city. It's a day, too, of amazing grace, I hear, sung by our own leader in a voice as rich as we all are to have him.

I slept last night with the window open, the sound of frogs and crickets, the dark as absolute as my nakedness. Today I read in bed for hours, walked in a meadow buzzing with dragonflies, opened my computer and a manuscript that I haven't worked on in years and began.

I am in You and 
You in me,
Mutual in 
Love Divine

William Blake


  1. You have no idea how excited for you I am. Such wonder. And yes, I too was moved by our president's Amazing Grace. I think he is tired, but perhaps the two rulings this week will bolster his spirit a bit. His has been an historic presidency. We just can't always see the forest cause our noses are pressed against the trees. But you, my love, you see the forest, even as you lead us through the trees. Write, dream, wander, lie naked in the dark. And then do it all again. The world is shifting.

  2. Every day a gift; these days, especially so. Your happiness delights me! Write on, read on, dear friend.

  3. "It is so ordered!" ~ Justice Kennedy

    So happy about all that has transpired today--including your idyl in the piney woods.


  4. Your beautiful writing fits with the beautiful day. Thank you.

  5. It sounds like the perfect working environment!

  6. Waaay behind, but YIPPEE for you! Hoping to get out there and see you soon!

  7. I keep coming back to this photograph, which, I think, truly captures the magic of the Pacific Northwest landscape.




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