Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hedgebrook, Day Three

Deer Lagoon, Whidbey Island

I worked all morning today, have reached California, 1998. I walked to Useless Bay and then back along a dyke through Deer Lagoon. I pretended not to notice when what might have been tens of thousands of miniature dragonflies swarmed me, the whir of their wings so constant in my ear that I finally waved my hands in front of my face as I walked. I saw rabbits, a deer, several herons and transparent crabs that skittered over my feet and disappeared into the sand. I trudged home in the hot sun, sticky. I collapsed on my bed and shared a glass of water with a moth who fluttered up and out as I tipped the water back.


  1. It is, as I have suspected, magic there.

  2. Did you dip your toes in Useless Bay? Is it refreshing to your spirit? What's it like to gather with the others for dinner? Xoxo

  3. I'm glad you're getting lots of work done. I've got to catch up on your past two days! I wonder if those miniature dragonflies are mayflies?

  4. It seems like this time for yourself is just delicious.

  5. Hoping you caught a thunderstorm this morning and a wee bit of rain. Thinking of you everyday everyday every hour.



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