Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Giveaway

I've always wanted to make up some business cards with my blog name on it -- something that I can then hand out and give to the people who ask what I "do" (because let's face it, it's really all I do, right?).

If you are in need of new business cards, this is the giveaway for you! UPrinting is giving away 500 Business Cards Online. Whether you're a writer, a blogger, a new parent at a school or self-employed, the options are many. The steps to create business cards are easy to figure out, and you can follow a few easy steps to Print Online products from their website.

Here's the Offer:

500 Business Cards for One Winner
Sizes: 2x3.5", 2x3", 2x2" (square card) or 1.5x3.5" (skinny card)
Paper: 14pt gloss cardstock, 14 pt matte cardstock or 13 pt recycled uncoated cardstock
Specifications: Full Color Both Sides; Offset Press; 3 Business Day Printing
Shipping: FREE UPS Ground Shipping
Eligibility: Limited to US Residents only

Here are the Rules:

1. Leave a comment letting me know how you would be using these business cards. Be creative!
2. Get another entry by posting about it on your own blog.

That's it! The giveaway ends next Friday, February 26th at 12:00 noon Pacific Coast Time. I will use and announce the winner that afternoon.

Good luck! (Disclosure: I will also be given 500 Business Cards by Uprinting!)


  1. very cool. I need business cards. Two reasons: Blogher 10, and I have got to drum up some more freelance business.

    I would love to win this!

  2. Business cards. I need soem for my blog! I went to Blissdom and had no idea that I would need some thing like that. . . sorry, that's not totally creative.

  3. I would have to think about it but it would say something like mom, wife, writer, blogger, music promoter, tulsi distributor. I would think up a funny title. I'll ask Gary to do that, he's the "titl-er" in the family. Not sure that's a word. I would also add to the card, word maker upper.

  4. I'd just like mine to say "Woman Extraordinare" 'cause that's what I want to be. I'd also add my blog and hope to have it be "extraordinare" by the time I handed the cards out!!!!!

  5. This is very clever and I running low on business cards for Mommie Brain, my writing groups I run for moms.

  6. creative? is face-saving creative? can you believe i work with my mother??? oh yes. five days a week. she is the boss, the whole boss and nothing but the boss. i may be the whole enchilada but she RULES.
    for the most part it is a great arrangement of heart, soul and daughter deferring, regularly.
    we have a working studio and fabricate stained glass windows, teach and carry on, famously. most of the time.
    except for moments like just the other day when we RAN OUT of business cards, and of course, that would be my problem!
    such a practical give away!!

  7. "would be (working) anthropologist". But I think I'll have business cards only when I grow up:)

  8. I'm leaving the teaching profession and going out into the real world again to work, work I've not yet discovered. A card with my new address and phone number would be wonderful to have to pass out as I network. Thanks for the idea.

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  10. What an awesome giveaway. Well, I would use them to advertise my painting site and my etsy store if I won! Fingers crossed!

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