Friday, February 19, 2010

Pray for Renee

Tonight I pray for Renee and for her to find some peace and relief from her pain. Many of you know of Renee through her blog Circling My Head -- I know her, too, through her blog and a bit outside of that world and can only say that this is a woman who has graced the world with her presence. Renee has been struggling with cancer for many years, and her beautiful daughter Angelique has let us know that she has worsened and that there is little the doctors can do for her. The tribulations that this family has endured over the past year are many, too numerous to count and astonishing in their relentlessness. Throughout all of this, Renee has continued to not just shine but to glow, steadily and brilliantly from within to without.

I am praying, tonight, for peace for her, for the release of her pain, for communion with all that is eternal and good and graceful. I hope you'll join me.

About a year ago, Renee sent me a beautiful little children's book with a note on the flyleaf to me, someone whom she had never met. The following is from the little book called MAYFLY DAY by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross.

Here is Mayfly,
It is her first day on earth.
It is also her last.

Mayflies only live for one day.
But is she sad? Not at all.
She is happy to be alive!

This isn't any old day.
This is the best of days.
She lives for each moment.

She sees the world begin,
She hears the crack of dawn.
And bathes in its golden glow.

A billion buds burst open.
All for her!
She tastes her honey.

Mayfly sees eggs hatch.
Babies born.
Lambs learning to stand.

The business of ants.
The dizziness of children...
The loveliness of things.

She feels the sun's warm hug.
The kiss of summer rain.
The magic of the rainbow.

It is her wedding day.
Trees throw confetti.
There are games on the lawn.

Breezes blow, bells chime.
Birds sing! She dances
to the music of the universe.

Mayfly lays her eggs.
It is a peaceful night.
The best of nights.

She makes one last wish:
'Little ones, may all your tomorrows
be as perfect as my yesterday!'

Mayfly watches the moon come up
and the stars go out.
And is thankful for her wonderful life.


  1. Why is it that this time pain shared is not half the pain? Love to you.

  2. Oh.
    I love this little book, your sharing.
    what a tough time, even so.

  3. THis brought tears to my eyes. I will visit her page, say prayers for her, hope her passing is a peaceful spirit.

  4. I went, and prayed, and feel so inept. Of course I am. It's just hard to realize it, isn't it. I'm sorry you are losing your beautiful friend.

  5. Such beautiful words...praying with you... x

  6. The poem brought tears. Beautiful truth.

    I'm thinking of your friend and hoping for a release form her pain, soon.

  7. i am in awe of true friendships born, and nurtured on these blog-spheres. these vital connections and open willing hearts so abundant in sharing love. truly there is a strength, courage and grace filling our hearts as we find our significant soul mates. born through caring hearts, sent out on the wings of words written and sent from afar.
    so today we will be united through our prayers...our compassion, our holding a loved on up to the light.

    thank you for your post.
    and sharing what renee has so preciously shared with you.

  8. oh, Elizabeth. I have only been blessed by knowing Renee for such a short while, and she has touched me so deeply. I wish there was something we could do. Something to show her how much she is loved.
    deb @ talk at the table

  9. I just followed your link. There are a lot of people walking on that tightrope. How do we make sense of all the suffering.

  10. I, too, visited her blog. I have no words to say, as there never are any in situations like this. Just that there is no fairness, but I do believe there is light at the end of the journey. I do.

  11. I am heartsick over this, and join you in prayer, in love for her and her gifts to this world.
    She sent that book to me, too, and I treasure it.
    Cancer sucks.

  12. Beautiful story of the mayfly ... and of Renee .... beauty and brightness in spite of the brevity of it

  13. I sadly have not had the pleasure of meeting this blogger, but my heart goes out to her and her loved ones...

  14. Beautiful post!
    I also have a post about our dear Renee.

  15. Hello Elizabeth,

    this is soothing and lovely. Thank you.

  16. I began visiting Renee's blog only recently and I could feel her strong and beautiful spirit tremendously. Sending prayers out for her, her family and for you, her friend, during a most difficult and holy time.

  17. I went to Renee's blog -- thank you for the link. I too am hoping for peace and relief from this pain. She's obviously a very special and dearly loved woman.

  18. I have been praying for Renee for so long, Elizabeth. She truly is one of the most graceful and gentle souls I have ever known.



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