Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On Violence, Mental Retardation, Rahm Emmanuel, and the Politician Whose Name I Won't Type

I'm over at LA Moms Blog today, trying to be politically correct....or NOT.

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  1. I love this graphic so much, I might need to borrow it! It's awesome.

  2. Je suis en retard à la partie, now let the nameless politician who seems herself to be en retard all the time to the truth, figure out is this is a self-insult or an explanation about missing the boat. Sticks and stones and all of that notwithstanding, if they stop talking nonsense and do something about the problems maybe we would be less like Poland, and before everyone jumps at the almost surely assumed politically incorrect reference here, go and read about Poland, then we can talk about how some politicians are retarded, and not in the sense the unnamed one with her own retard sentences she conveniently forgets about is spewing about as we speak.

  3. Good job. I couldn't begin to tackle the subject coherently, always makes me want to swear.

  4. I don't know, Elizabeth, didn't Voldemort become more powerful when the magical community wouldn't call him by name? If this is the politician who can see KGB Road from her house (thinking that must be in Russia), she might just be another Voldemort. In 1980 I thought the American people would have sense enough to reject a onetime movie actor and California governor who called the Viet Nam war a "noble cause" and constantly ranted about government, which he pronounced as a two-syllable word. My fellow voters elected him by a landslide. So I have to take She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named seriously.

    But your main point is extremely well-taken.

  5. Steve, I love your comment. If this is true, I'll jinx it now: Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin.



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