Friday, October 15, 2010


I noticed today in my yoga class (the second time this week, and the second time in the last six months!) that it's difficult for me to really breathe in, to take a long breath, to move air through and down and everywhere. There seem to be so many places along the way where the air stops, gets jammed, can't go any further.

But breathing it out, letting it go, releasing what's stored is simple and far more powerful.

I wonder what this means. Not enough going in and power in going out? Too much giving and not enough taking?

In the dark of my cave, with all you wonderful people around me -- well, I'm thinking about these things.


  1. We're right here. Keep breathing. In AND out.

  2. Very interesting...the breath can tell us a lot, I think.

    I went for my first Rolfing session last year and the therapist told me she had never seen anyone who breathed so silently. Very fitting since I'm usually afraid to speak up.

  3. That's part of the beauty of yoga - it makes us think by connecting our physical and mental.

    Some days I feel like I forget to breathe completely. Ugh.

  4. That reminds me of childbirth classes. Remember those short quick breaths that somehow helped in riding out the contractions? Maybe that's what it's like. Major labor. Major contractions. And pain too ... Hoping for you to have that hand to hold and face to look into.

  5. I don't know what it means, but I'm here reading and wondering with you. XOXO

  6. There are some weeks that I only breathe fully during acupuncture... and when I'm asleep. Ack.

    Stay warm and cozy in your cave.

  7. One of my yoga teachers said that short, shallow breaths help you to go into the "out" state and/or to sleep. Maybe you need more of this rest you are taking in your cave. We are here in the comforting darkness.
    x0 N2

  8. I'm thinking of you, Elizabeth.

  9. I'm thinking about you and Sophie this weekend and the walk and carrying courage like a lion in the pads of my feet for you.

  10. Yup. Keep breathing. And keep going to yoga if you can.


  11. I sent you a breathing quote awhile back.Can't remember if it was this one.Sorry for the repeat if it is.but it's a good one:"You know that our breathing is the inhaling and exhaling of air. The organ that serves for this is the lungs that lie round the heart, so that the air passing through them thereby envelops the heart. Thus breathing is a natural way to the heart. And so, having collected your mind within you, lead it into the channel of breathing through which air reaches the heart and, together with this inhaled air, force your mind to descend into the heart and to remain there." ~Nicephorus the Solitary

    Got to get to Yoga ,myself.My mat is gathering dust ...inches and inches of dust.

  12. It's amazing how many emotions can be stirred up by focussing on our breathing, this simple and yet so complex act that keeps us alive.



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