Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Scenes from an evening

Here's Oliver when told that he had to do some of his homework right now.

 Here's Oliver when told that there's one more piece of chocolate cake left:

 Here's Henry, acting goofy before Cotillion:

Here's Henry looking handsome before Cotillion:

Here's Sophie, looking tired after her six-hour infusion:

And just so you don't feel too sad for that girly up there, here's a peek at our Halloween mantel:

(Those are some leth-uh plays of Shakespeare, underneath the bric-a-brac, doo-dad, whatever, Halloween decorations)


  1. Beautiful pictures. I am hoping that Sophie's infusion helps tremendously. Cotillion? They still do that? Are there dance cards? Henry is very handsome. And Oliver is too.
    I love that little house (church?) on your mantle. Why are miniature things so charming?

  2. Let's see... cake vs. homework. I know which one I'd choose!

    Ditto Ms. Moon. Henry is quite a handsome fellow.

    And Sophie does look weary. I hope the infusion leads to better days for her.

    I love the pumpkin clowns. No decorations up over here yet. I just can't bear to until the thermometer reads less than 80.

    I love your new blog look. And what are Shakespeare's "leth-uh" plays?

  3. That first picture of Oliver cracked me up.

  4. Sophie is incredibly gorgeous. Tell her I told you so.

  5. Love the pics!! Don't know what "cotillion" is...I know WHAT a cotillion is, but I don't understand it in relation to such a young gentleman.

  6. Your children are so beautiful! I love it when you post pictures of them. I wonder how Oliver's little body can contain his huge personality :) I hope Sophie feels better after the infusion therapy. Thinking of her this morning.

  7. such gorgeous kids! I hope Sophie starts feeling the positive effects of the infusion super soon.

  8. Yeah for chocolate cake.My choice for breakfast in fact if it's available.

    I have some seriously bribable cotillion pictures from when the girls did it.Most have the girls,standing a head taller than the boys in those early years!

    And sweet Sophie.I'd imagine she is exhausted.I had PT with Zoey yesterday and at one point the therapist said ..."It's a rough life Zoey",as Zoey was protesting.To which I replied ..."Actually it has been.".This is all hard exhausting,unfair,stuff.

    As for Halloween decoration ... I adore the season.Can't say for sure why,but have all my ecorations in place and loving the season!

  9. your children are so gorgeous.

    all of my fall bit are on the dining table waiting for a whirl of inspiration.

  10. Oh, your sweet girl. I want to gently kiss her cheek. xo

  11. LOVE the photos of the family and home decor. I pray that Sophie will be feeling rested and stronger soon.

  12. your boys have such wonderful faces!

  13. oh my heart! your children are so beautiful. poor sophie. she looks weary but there is a light in her eyes...the light of fight and love and life :)

  14. Ohhh...hahaha, "leth-uh", as in "leather?" I'm just a li'l slow on the uptake sometimes...

    Like my friend from New York who named her dog "Busta." "Buster?" I said. No, "Busta," (in her Brooklyn accent.) Aren't you saying,"Buster?" No - "B-U-S-T-A."


  15. i love you sophie...
    and all the mermaid images tucked into the life of your sweet family.



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