Sunday, October 24, 2010

Scenes from Saturday on Sunday

Since I just happened to give birth to two jocks (and God knows how this happened as I don't have one iota of talent in sports nor interest and The Husband only skied to school but prefers Formula One), every Saturday I drive The Jocks from various sporting activities to another. In the fall, it's soccer for Oliver and flag football for Henry. I generally have a babysitter for Sophie so she doesn't have to be dragged around to muddy fields and sit for hours, but yesterday I didn't so she came along with us. I made a somewhat embarrassing entrance to the flag football game when I attempted to push her stroller through the muddy end zone and the game was stopped so I could make my way to the sidelines.

The rest of the photos give you an idea of the day -- and I'll admit that despite an inherent hatred of sports, watching my boys play is thrilling. Who are they? How did they get there? Why are they so damn beautiful?

this photo looks like some kind of weird adolescent boy ballet, doesn't it?

There was a pine straw littered chain link fence for diversion.


  1. Your kids are gorgeous. (I think I may have mentioned that before...)

  2. love, and know the feeling.
    and they are gorgeous.

    and I edited my post to say some , not all btw.

  3. Yes. Your children are gorgeous. When I read the caption of the boy ballet I heard a Bugs Bunny Waltz in my head. It made me giggle.

    oh. and DAMD? the Sisters and I say your brilliant


  4. Beautiful boys :) And so expressive.

  5. I miss soccer when my youngest daughter played...however I am grateful (truly) that Ryan did not go to football. I miss yelling on the team from the sidelines as well. Your kids are beautiful!

  6. I'm sorry, but they really are incredibly beautiful, and God only knows where I kids get their talents, and why they don't get ones we're just sure they'll get!

  7. i love your remark about the 'adolescent boy ballet'...i get the same feeling about my boys except it's the 'teenage boy ballet'

  8. I find watching any kind of sports soo boring, except when my boys play. They would spend their entire day playing (tennis), and I also wonder where they get this kind of passion from. Not from me!

  9. ok...the LAST shot! the open mouth teeth baring smile..of your lad and his twin on the leprechaun flag.
    laughing here this morning..
    this sweet moment of child reveal.
    sports become irresistible when our children compose them.

  10. The only sports I've ever really enjoyed watching were my kids playing.

    I'm envious, you have green grass, trees with leaves and flowers. Sigh. It snowed here last night. It begins.

  11. This is a joy to read and to see. Your family is just gorgeous.

  12. aw, love this! Yes, boy ballet!
    gorgeous kids, so happy and free.

  13. oh my gosh, i love getting a "boy fix" over at your blog... sports? what is this sports you talk of??? :) haha!

    thank you for your nice little note on my "planet" inquiring to my recent whereabouts... ive been busy/distracted/diverted/etc lately.... :) its nice to know ive been missed! :)



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